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Always a passionate lover of books with many writing awards to her name, P. Conn is the proud mother of two grown sons and two adorable grandchildren, who love to have her read to them. Bolero Ozon. This is a superb whodunit. Conn -- Los Angeles, California, -- Joe Ezell, GI turned gumshoe, pays the bills by catching philandering husbands for rich dames wanting a divorce.

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Stock Photo - Dark haired, mysterious man looking his reflection in a mirror.

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But for men, there seems to be one main perceived ideal: Tall, Dark, and Handsome. Sometimes, it's a Tall, Dark, and Handsome Stranger. Tall, Dark, and Handsome Stranger was a pulp fiction trope, particularly in mystery novels.

Romance novels still play it straight sometimes. This is also one of the defining attributes of the Latin Lover stereotype. Historically, "dark" referred to the man's hair and often eyes, not necessarily his skin color. The expression was typically used for white people with "healthy" or "bronzed" i.

So while the phrase could literally apply to a black man, it's unlikely to be used this way unless it's in a modern work, and thus a slight subversion.

Most Tall, Dark and Handsome men display an aloof, cold, and distant personality, but they do have a gentle and caring side. Being one of the oldest tropes in the book, it's nowadays more often used in subversions and deconstructions. The actual invocation of the trope Tall, Dark, and Handsome Stranger is often parodied or might be played straight but usually isn't highlighted if it is. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an account. Clark Gable himself. Accept no substitutes. Anime and Manga. Andrew from Little Witch Academia has dark brown hair, stands a full head taller than Akko, and is often stated to be quite handsome. Comic Books. Bruce Wayne, Batman. Money is not the only reason Bats is surrounded by women. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as his adopted sons follow in his footsteps. Dick adds in his magnetic personality, Jason has his Bad Boy charms and Tim is one in the future he's shown in.

Damian is the exception since he's still a kid, but in the future, he does get his father's looks. Blacksad : John Blacksad is tall, a black cat, and constantly being eyed by most females.

Add to that his mysterious nature and you have an archetypal tall, dark, and handsome character. Corto Maltese. Lobo , as of the New Superman : despite all that Clark Kenting he does to make himself look geeky and awkward, the true Superman is quite a hunk. This, combined with his black hair and swarthy skin, makes him pretty good-looking in the eyes of several female characters.

Films — Animation. Beauty and the Beast : Gaston is a Chick Magnet and described in song as "such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute".

Films — Live-Action. Pretty much all the James Bond actors fit the mold, except for Daniel Craig for being a tad short and blondish. The initial backlash that ensued after he was cast in Casino Royale is a good indicator on how pervasive this trope was and still is.

Thor: Ragnarok : Although Loki is normally a tall, raven-haired Pretty Boy , his all-black Midgardian suit gives him a more masculine appearance, and it makes him look handsome rather than pretty. Hugh Jackman 's portrayal of Wolverine certainly qualifies, although the comic books did not depict him this way. In the film series, he's dark, broody, dangerous, and mysterious. Magneto as a younger man when played by Michael Fassbender in the First Class trilogy. James Bond is described in the original Ian Fleming books as six feet tall, black-haired and cruelly handsome.

His eyes are a cold blue-grey instead of dark, though. Fleming also invoked Textual Celebrity Resemblance by having characters say Bond looks like the American musician and actor Hoagy Carmichael - evidently someone who Fleming thought fit the mold in real life.

Live-Action TV. Arrowverse has Ray Palmer, played by Brandon Routh. He's 6'3", muscular, and very good looking. Buffy the Vampire Slayer : When Buffy first met Angel, he called himself a friend and she said that he was dark, gorgeous in an annoying sort of way. In Angel Cordelia calls him "tall, dark, and broody".

John Reese from Person of Interest is tall with dark hair in the earlier seasons he later gets some grey so the Silver Fox trope is used instead and is something of a Death Seeker due to his past as a CIA hitman. Detective Fusco once refers to him as "Tall, Dark and Deranged". Agnes Jurati finds him attractive and he becomes her boyfriend. Because Rios selected the self-scan option for the Emergency Holograms on La Sirena , they all appear identical to him, and therefore they share his good looks.

Yes, he's got it all. Being a Deadpan Snarker doesn't hurt. Alex Krycek is a double agent and a dirty rat boy who charms and eventually betrays everyone must be fit and handsome to pull it all off. He has very dark eyes and black hair.

Tall, dark, mysterious and very handsome. Web Comics. Lackadaisy : Mordecai Heller is drawn as a tall, anthropomorphic tuxedo cat. Asa refers to Mordecai as "swarthy" due to his black fur. The way several women react to Mordecai suggests that he's considered attractive in-universe. His human form definitely qualifies as dark and handsome. Best known example and, maybe, the Ur-Example would be a Roma fortune teller prophesying that her female customer will meet a tall, dark and handsome stranger.

In the watermelon chapter and its anime adaptation, Kuno even introduces himself as "Strikingly handsome, dark and tall. Fan Works. Tolkien's Legendarium During the course of The Heart Trilogy , Smaug gains a human form that is physiqued like a warrior, about seven feet tall, and dark-haired.

His face would be considered handsome if he didn't have a condescending personality, the fiery golden eyes, and around his mouth cruel lines that make it look like he has spent his entire life sneering at people unworthy of him. In Disney's Aladdin , when Jasmine distracts Jafar by pretending to be mind-controlled into loving him, she describes Jafar as "tall, dark Word of God on the DVD commentary points out that Robert Rodriguez , the film's director, deliberately shot Clooney from underneath, to make him look heroic.

This is a subversion in that he's not a romantic lead. The head vampire wants to either eat or enslave him, and Kate makes an overture that is quickly shot down.

The director of the original King Kong truthfully promised Fay Wray that she would be working with the "tallest, darkest" leading man in the world.

Although a bit of a stretch: the actual Kong ligature used for most scenes was only about sixteen inches tall. In the Aunt Dimity series, Bill Willis was introduced with a beard, a paunch and thick horn-rimmed glasses when Lori first met him.

He later lost all three, and Lori subsequently describes him as being "quite literally, tall, dark and handsome.

Alizon, the king's half-brother is described as very handsome, tall and slender like a wolf, and, occasionally, dark-haired. He dyes his hair, which is apparently already going grey, and seems fond of trying out new colors. In Victoria Hanley's Light of the Oracle , the love interest of the main character Kiran fits the tall and dark like an animal until he gets a makeover, becoming so handsome that he goes from being snubbed by the Rich Bitch Clea to being pursued by him. The Professionals.

Thus spoke Bodie: "I believe in me because I was born tall, dark and beautiful Clark : Davis must have done something to her. Chloe would never lie to me if she weren't trapped. Oliver : Either that or she just can't resist tall, dark and Doomsday. Newspaper Comics. Garfield : Jon Arbuckle once asked his cat if he was this. Garfield responded: "Maybe if you stand on a chair, turn off the lights, and squint.

Professional Wrestling. Prince Devitt was one of the most popular foreign wrestlers in Japan but despite being the definition of tall, dark, and handsome he was put under a mask and the second Pegasus Kid.

However, in some other promotions, he was allowed to both use his real Irish identity and remain a beloved crowd favorite, but New Japan was the biggest promotion during his stay there he ended up founding so most people know evil Devitt. He ended up leaving the CTU stable and becoming part of a face tag team for a few years, so NJPW fans know the babyface also, but then he turned heel again and formed the Bullet Club at the end of his tenure.

Video Games. During the music video of Plants vs. Zombies : "Sunflower" "I know your type: tall, dark and dead". Web Videos. She originally wanted to contact her dead grandfather, but the ghost turns out to be "tall, muscular, with dark hair" and a doctor to boot. Western Animation. Yes, he does turn out to be a complete dork. Taken further by Spongebob himself, whose attempt at artificially imitating those three characteristics with stilts, a toaster and braces makes him the star of the prom Pearl invited him to.

Show Spoilers.

Delta Dawn

Mona Moon is not your typical young lady. She is a cartographer by trade, explorer by nature, and adventurer by heart. Miss Mona is broke. Perhaps get a job as a department store salesgirl.

But for men, there seems to be one main perceived ideal: Tall, Dark, and Handsome. Sometimes, it's a Tall, Dark, and Handsome Stranger.

Always a passionate lover of books with many writing awards to her name, P. Conn is the proud mother of two grown sons and two adorable grandchildren, who love to have her read to them. Conseguir libro impreso. This is a superb whodunit.

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The title character is a faded former Southern belle from Brownsville, Tennessee who, at forty-one, is obsessed to unreason with the long-ago memory of a suitor who jilted her. The first recording of "Delta Dawn" was made by Harvey for his eponymous album released in November Harvey had performed as the opening act for Helen Reddy at the Troubadour , in January , but at that time Reddy who also was signed with the Capitol Records label made no connection with any of Harvey's compositions. Dianne Davidson sang backup for Harvey's recording. She was the first singer after Harvey to record the song and chart in — Tracy Nelson also sang backup on Harvey's recording, and performed "Delta Dawn" in her live act. Reddy's single was released June , two days before Midler's. Record producer Tom Catalano created an instrumental track of "Delta Dawn", virtually replicating the instruments featured in Tucker's single. Catalano first offered the vocal track to Barbra Streisand , but she refused; after this he gave the vocal to Reddy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome

Если не преследовать Хейла, черный ход останется секретом. Но Стратмор понимал, что Хейл не станет долго держать язык за зубами.

И все же… секрет Цифровой крепости будет служить Хейлу единственной гарантией, и он, быть может, будет вести себя благоразумно.

Как бы там ни было, Стратмор знал, что Хейла можно будет всегда ликвидировать в случае необходимости. - Решайтесь, приятель! - с издевкой в голосе сказал Хейл.

- Однако мы можем выиграть.  - Он взял у Джаббы мобильный телефон и нажал несколько кнопок.

Я сожалею о Дэвиде Беккере. Она изучала записку. Хейл ее даже не подписал, просто напечатал свое имя внизу: Грег Хейл.

ИСТЕКШЕЕ ВРЕМЯ: 15:17:21 - Пятнадцать часов семнадцать минут? - Он не верил своим глазам.  - Это невозможно. Он перезагрузил монитор, надеясь, что все дело в каком-то мелком сбое.

Но, ожив, монитор вновь показал то же .

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Встав, Сьюзан решительно направилась подошла к терминалу Хейла. Экран монитора был погашен, но она понимала, что он не заперт: по краям экрана было видно свечение.

Криптографы редко запирали свои компьютеры, разве что покидая Третий узел на ночь. Обычно они лишь уменьшали их яркость; кодекс чести гарантировал, что никто в их отсутствие к терминалу не прикоснется.

К черту кодекс чести, - сказала она .

Джабба вытер губы. - Ты на месте. - А-га. - Не хочешь составить мне компанию. У меня на столе пирог с сыром. - Хотела бы, Джабба, но я должна следить за своей талией. - Ну да? - Он хмыкнул.  - Давай я тебе помогу.

Only when he had reached the safety of the wood did he pause and look back. Joe let out a smile as he stood up and walked over to the dark haired man,  Paul Moxham - - ‎Juvenile Fiction.

Двухцветный посмотрел на часы Беккера. Его лицо казалось растерянным. - Обычно я напиваюсь только к четырем! - Он опять засмеялся. - Как быстрее добраться до аэропорта. - У входа возьмешь такси.

Лицо его было несчастным. - Я думал, вы из городского… хотите заставить меня… - Он замолчал и как-то странно посмотрел на Беккера.  - Если не по поводу колонки, то зачем вы пришли.

Все вдруг сразу же смолкло: как если бы Хейл, сбив коммандера с ног, снова растворился в темноте. Сьюзан ждала, вглядываясь во тьму и надеясь, что Стратмор если и пострадал, то не сильно.

После паузы, показавшейся ей вечностью, она прошептала: - Коммандер.

Но Беккера интересовало отнюдь не это уродство.

Мистер Беккер, я был не прав. Читайте медленно и очень внимательно. Беккер кивнул и поднес кольцо ближе к глазам. Затем начал читать надпись вслух: - Q… U… 1…S… пробел… С, Джабба и Сьюзан в один голос воскликнули: - Пробел? - Джабба перестал печатать.

 - Там пробел.

А сверхкритическая масса? - предложила Соши.  - Тут сказано, что сверхкритическая масса плутония составляет тридцать пять и две десятых фунта. - Вот именно! - крикнул Джабба.  - Посмотрите уран. Его сверхкритическую массу.

Стратмор закрыл лицо руками. - Хорошо. Это на нижнем этаже.

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