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This page includes the full poems that I've included extracts of, in the video series Bukowski and Woman. These poems demonstrate the character of Woman as described by Bukowski with some elucidation on my part , and can be categorised for convenience in three main themes: Woman's lies : Her sexual enticements and teasing seem to mean she is personally interested in him, him as a unique individual; furthermore, when she starts to look after his bodily concerns in trivial, mundane ways what Bukowski calls the 'extras' in prayer in bad weather , he falls into the belief that she actually loves him. But it is an illusion, because she only pretends to love him but this truly is what she calls love : when he has fallen for her, she can easily manipulate him into supporting her financially, emotionally, intellectually, psychologically, maybe even spiritually? Both of them believe their love is 'mutual' but they won't say 'equal'. But how can he truly love an actress, who will not be honest about her true intentions or her true self? How can she love him , who is nothing but the role she desires him to play, at least, in her eyes?

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Charles Bukowski Quotes Page 2

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I need a good woman more than I need this typewriter. More than I need my automobile. More than I need Mozart. I need a good woman so badly that I can taste her in the air. I can feel her at my fingertips. I can see sidewalks Find this Pin and more on Charles Bukowski by Alesha. Henry Charles Bukowski.

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A real thing, a good woman - Outsider #1, 1961

His writing was influenced by the social, cultural, and economic ambiance of his home city of Los Angeles. Bukowski wrote thousands of poems, hundreds of short stories and six novels, eventually publishing over 60 books. Bukowski published extensively in small literary magazines and with small presses beginning in the early s and continuing on through the early s. As noted by one reviewer, "Bukowski continued to be, thanks to his antics and deliberate clownish performances, the king of the underground and the epitome of the littles in the ensuing decades, stressing his loyalty to those small press editors who had first championed his work and consolidating his presence in new ventures such as the New York Quarterly , Chiron Review , or Slipstream.

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I stare at him and drive on for how would it look for me to be holding a dying dog on a curbing in Arcadia, blood seeping into my shirt and pants and shorts and socks and shoes? I can unders tand why th ey never invi ted him bac k. I know that their peace is only partial, but there is peace, often hours and days of peace. I see so many men with quiet clean girls in gingham dresses girls with faces that are not wolverine or predatory.

Charles Bukowski’s book on cats to show his gentler side

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Son of Bukowski

The Charles Bukowski novel Women is considered by many to be one of his best. The women Charles Bukowski writes about are the familiar prototype in the rest of his work, at least for the most part. Many of them can keep up with Bukowski in the drinking department, and can certainly hold their own in the argument department. It also affords him a new-found opportunity to meet lit groupies.

Henry Charles Bukowskiwas an American poet, novelist, and short story writer Charles Bukowski Quotations.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. I see men with quiet, gentle women — I see them in the supermarkets, I see them walking down the streets together, I see them in their apartments: people at peace, living together. I know that their peace is only partial, but there is peace, often hours and days of peace.

Charles Bukowski

This page was created by our editorial team. Each page is manually curated, researched, collected, and issued by our staff writers. Quotes contained on this page have been double checked for their citations, their accuracy and the impact it will have on our readers. Kelly Peacock is an accomplished poet and social media expert based in Brooklyn, New York.

I need a good woman more than I need this typewriter. More than I need my automobile. More than I need Mozart. I need a good woman so badly that I can taste her in the air. I can feel her at my fingertips. I can see sidewalks

Charles Bukowski Quotations

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"you couldn't stand a good woman, Bukowski." I need a good woman. I need a good woman more than I need this typewriter, more than. I need my automobile.

In Late to the Party, we ask writers to read a seminal author who has somehow passed them by. I avoided Bukowski in high school without even trying, simply because I had no male authority guiding me to his work. Nor did I ever reach for Bukowski in college. None of my syllabi included him, as I focused my coursework on Indian and South Asian writers, and later ultra-contemporary short stories.

Best Quotes from the Charles Bukowski Novel “Women”

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What Reading Bukowski’s ‘Women’ Taught Me About Men

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