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How to get a muscular girlfriend

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Tired of being the skinny girl? We've got your fix. Use these four tips to put some lean muscle on your ectomorph body. Get rid of your chicken legs and T-Rex arms for good! It's getting hot!

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The Joy of Being a Woman with Muscles

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Every guy wants a sexy, confident, in-shape woman on his arm. If you want to help your girlfriend or wife effectively change her body but don't know where to start, then look no further. Step one is knowing what you're up against. Virtually everything ever written in mainstream media about exercising "for women" sticks them in the cardio room with ankle weights, ready to pump-n-tone. This can lead to considerable conflict for your lady, especially on day one when you usher her towards the scary squat rack and start adding weight.

So since we're dealing with women, let's start with these "emotional" considerations. Good support is a blend of the practical and emotional. At first it will be hard for your gal to commit to training and create the habit, so set her up for long term success by helping take care of the practical considerations.

She'll need a plan to make it a reality time-wise, schedule-wise, and money-wise. Make your support as visceral as possible and reduce the number of "excuses" available.

The nice thing is, by doing this you'll also be letting her know you care about her and her happiness and what taking care of her body will do for her. Both bases of support will be covered. The aim is to make this a lifestyle change. The gym is already a part of your life — you have a gym bag, you dedicate time before or after work, and you reap the benefits.

Make it a part of her life too. Having someone alongside supporting us makes us all warm and fuzzy inside, and makes you look like a big, bad knight in shining armor. There are two types of motivation to consider. Controlled or external motivation comes from external sources. This kind of motivation is best for jump-starting the process.

On the other hand, autonomous or internal motivation comes from personal conviction, the "I do it for me" kind of motivation. That's the kind we're aiming for in the long run, but it takes time to develop. The best way is to add the intrinsic stuff as she progresses, to give her something to work for by using "reward" strategies. Rewards don't necessarily mean something you buy her; it can be reminders of accomplishment, the promise of hotter sex, telling her how incredible she is going to look, or how jealous her girlfriends will be.

Just the act of exercise not even a certain amount has an impact on body-image confidence, and the link between the two is well established by research. With increased confidence comes a whole boatload of other good "side-effects. This will have huge overall benefits, especially if she's skinny fat.

Getting women to weight train properly while ignoring all the misinformation is a big step. So, she's got the time scheduled and you've convinced her not to be scared of the weights, what's next? Depending on how well you can satisfy her concerns, compel her to do a bit of research.

Women who weight train, put some thought into diet, and are consistent, have the best body composition. Many women are shocked to hear this. Remember, the average female thinks that hour-long boot camps, treadmill sessions, and machine circuits with high reps are the way to go. All women can start with the basic lifts or easier variations of them , and work and learn from there.

What's important in the beginning is spending enough time under tension to recruit more muscle fibers, and practicing the lifts to get the motor patterns down. Sticking with big, compound movements and throwing in assistance work along with some HIIT circuits or sprints will yield the best results. Build her strength base to get her neuromuscular system going and stimulate growth before you fiddle with complicated programming or start getting into "cycles" and "splits.

Before we get to the programs, give her some basic knowledge. This may sound like info most anyone would know, but many women will be complete newbies to the rules and norms of the weight room.

Teach her:. Below are three programs to try, depending on how many days a week she can train and her knowledge level. Stick to slightly higher rep ranges in the beginning, even for the bigger compound movements. She won't be lifting heavy enough to benefit from anything fewer than 5 reps anyway.

The key here is practicing the movements and getting in enough reps to stimulate her neuromuscular system and induce growth. The focus should be on strength first. Only after a strength base is built can training be manipulated to suit more specific personal goals. You can't sculpt muscle if you don't have any to work with.

To that end, focus on increasing strength through progressive overload to develop a base that will benefit whatever type of training style she ends up liking best, and any body parts she wants to focus on changing even more later on. Finishing off with some short metabolic style workouts times a week like Tabata, HITT, or intervals will get her sweating a bit and make her feel like she "worked more" one of the reasons women love spin classes and cardio boot camps.

As her interest and progress grows, she'll no longer need as much support from you to get her workout in. She'll have her own reasons to keep at it and the passion will be sparked. Boost testosterone and growth hormone while smoking your hamstrings, glutes, back, and lungs. No access to a leg extension machine?

Nail your quadriceps anyway with this clever variation. There are plenty of good reasons to use Viagra and its cousins, other than the obvious one. Train your arms all day long. Well, sorta. Here's how to pack on size, even if you have limited equipment. This is not your mama's workout. Get to the nearest treadmill and incinerate fat while leaving muscle completely intact. Christian gives you a peek into his current diet, his current supplementation plan, and a new, rapid-growth strength building program.

The best exercise isn't the one that hurts the most, but the one that has the greatest benefit compared to its costs. Low energy? No motivation? Lack of focus? Feeling mentally or physically run down?

There's a supplement for that. Pretend CrossFitters and functional training boneheads have invaded our gyms. Let's send them back to where they belong. Do you have the forearms of a ballerina? Here's a simple way to build a pair worthy of respect, admiration, and fear.

Think you've gotta wait a few days before training some muscles again? Make gains faster. Here's what thrives with frequency. Can't get lean or stay lean?

Can't handle carbs? Impaired gene expression and nutrient partitioning could be the problem. Here's how to fix it. And it delivers, every time. Does watching smut boost your T levels? Well, it depends. Here's the science. Apply the principles of Soviet depth-jump training to push-ups and kettlebell swings to build unreal explosiveness and strength. The ultimate combination of the most powerful kettlebell exercise and hardcore strength work.

Get ready to be better It doesn't matter how heavy you can go. If you're missing THIS in your training you're not going to build much muscle. And no, it's got nothing to do with stupid stuff like your kidneys failing or calcium leaching out of your bones. An easy, week-long diet to quickly drop the pounds you've gained from your social isolation.

Bodybuilding is full of programs used by "enhanced" lifters, but most people don't take drugs and can't get good results. This effective program is for them. Which physique turns heads the most? A big upper body that tapers at the waist: the V-taper.

Here's the formula for getting one. Always doing the same two back exercises? That doesn't cut it. For more size and strength, try these variations. It's Free! Tags: Motivation. Do Sit down with her and find the time to work out.

How to Build Muscle Fast for Girls

As an inevitable result, I was ingrained with the idea that short and small was better than big and tall. Small was cuter and more beautiful. Small was sexier.

Dare you approach her? So the gym is the perfect place to spark romance.

Successful relationships are often based upon two factors: compatibility and similar interests. Dating a bodybuilder is no exception to the rule. Serious bodybuilders are a unique group of people with certain rituals and beliefs that one must be aware of. Should you choose to walk down this path of passion , keep these items in mind if you hope to make the relationship last beyond just a fling. That being said, here are 15 rules for dating a bodybuilder.

4 Tips For The Skinny Girl: How To Put Muscle On A Slim Body

During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Building muscles can be tricky, especially if you're a girl. This is partly due to the lower levels of testosterone girls and women have compared with men. However, with some simple lifestyle changes that are built around heating healthy and muscle-building exercises, girls can also increase their muscle mass and strength. Claudia Carberry, a Registered Dietitian, advises: "The best way for women to build lean muscle is through strength training exercises. Building muscle as a girl can be tricky due to your lower testosterone levels.

15 Tips for Dating a Bodybuilder

Muscles are in style. No longer is the waif-like, super-skinny body the "ideal figure. Because girls lack the testosterone that boys have, you won't build big, masculine muscles by lifting weights. On the contrary, you'll sculpt an enviable body that looks great and, most importantly, is healthy. Create a resistance training split schedule.

Every guy wants a sexy, confident, in-shape woman on his arm.

Looking to gain a little bit of mass? These muscle-building tips will help you look and feel stronger, stat. Not everyone is looking to lose weight. Case in point: These 11 women who have gained weight and are healthier than ever.

Tips to Help You Gain Muscle In and Out of the Gym

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How to pick up women at the gym, according to women

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Jul 1, - The key to and weight change is in your diet, but here's what you can do in the gym to maximize your lean muscle growth.

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