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As soon as Jin saw your messaging saying that something had happened between you and your boyfriend he rushed out of the dorms and ran to your apartment as fast as he could. When he arrived the door was unlocked and he found you on the bathroom floor, your head buried in your hands, sobbing loudly. Jin sat listening and was in utter disbelief as to how someone could treat you like that. He thought that if he was your boyfriend he would never say or do those things, that rather he would tell you how much he loved you every single day. His main priority right now was you.

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— a little comforting. ↳ your boyfriend, jungkook...

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Jungkook was like your addiction, even if the two of you had only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks. The relationship between the two of you was sweet and nice, but the darker side was something that remained unspoken. Sometimes at night, he would watch your house for hours, only to see who would come in or go out. Maybe he had some trusting issues but each time you tried to bring it up, it would end in a harsh argument.

Though as soon as he saw you walking to your front door, he widened his eyes, cursing as he wondered where you suddenly came from. Little did he know, you had been out that day, to see and catch up with some of your friends. He got out of the car as soon as he could, ready to tell you what he thought about you coming back home this late. But as soon as he approached you, you had already turned towards him and smiled.

Originally posted by yoonggi. Leaving exactly when class ends was a thing of the past for you, well for now. Keep reading. Usually, coffee shops are calm and cozy. But of course, on your last day, the shop would be as busy as ever. It was as if the whole population of the city of Seoul came to get their coffees and cakes as if the city only had one coffee shop.

Business was booming, but so was your headache. The moment you closed up shop and waved everyone goodbye, the sound you were dreading to hear boomed across the sky. You knew it was bound to rain by the looks of the clouds while you were working but were hoping it would start when you got home. You liked the rain. The soft pitter-patter of the raindrops against your window was calming and easily lulled you to sleep, but on some days, like this, the rain came with loud thunder and lightning flashes.

Everything seems to be getting worse as the rain fell on you harder, leading you to take shelter at a fast food restaurant. You stayed at the restaurant for about ten more minutes before deciding that the rain has slowed down a little before proceeding to continue walking home.

The walk home seemed quicker than usual, most likely because of your lack of focus on anything else. You just wanted to get home after such a long day. Your fatigue seemed to wash over you as you search for the apartment keys in your bag, the lack of energy and the possibility of sickness from the rain was taking over.

Before you could unlock the door, keys in hand, it swings open to reveal the very aspect of why you call your home, a home. His warmth and the familiar scent of his cologne makes your headache disappear, and you gladly accept his affection.

He makes his way down the hall and enters the bathroom. A moment later, you begin to hear the sound of rushing water. He returns with a towel hung over his shoulder. He holds his hand out for you to take and you give him a smile as he leads you to the bathroom.

The scent of vanilla that was filling the room emanated from the bathtub where it was a creamy and buttery froth of bubbles. You chuckle at his thoughtfulness.

Jungkook knew how to treat you. You strip down after pulling your hair into a messy bun before stepping into the tub.

The warmth of the bathwater made you hazy. You felt like you were about to fall asleep right there if not for the way Jungkook rapidly opened and shut cupboards from the kitchen. What could he be up to now? You sigh, sinking deeper into the bath, inhaling the sweet scent of vanilla. He held a small wooden tray the one you would serve breakfast for him in the lazy mornings in bed with two glasses of water and two cups of ramen.

You giggle as he wiggles his eyebrows. Five-star meal , huh? He takes a seat on the comfy leather chair beside the tub. Please stop. Maybe we could finally take this time to talk about getting a puppy? As you both finished up the cup ramen, Jungkook puts the trash away along with the glasses as you finished your bath with a cold refreshing shower. After drying up you made your way into your room, you found clothes already laid out.

The all too familiar oversized sweater and silk shorts. Get over here! The living room was glittering with fairy lights, the once that belonged in your bedroom. Pillows and a few of your stuffed animals were also present among the mess of blankets. Your eyes finally land on Jungkook. He switched his casual attire for gray sweatpants and a white t-shirt. He had a warm smile that made you feel as if you were melting.

His eyes seemed to twinkle more than usual. You tried to make yourself sound less infatuated with him by claiming that it was probably the work of the fairy lights.

Right now, everything is perfect. All the more, the vibrations you felt as your head was placed on his chest only added to your comfort. He stops, only to tilt your chin up so you could face him.

Thanks to you. The hand around your waist tightens, and the other pulls you in closer to sit on his lap. As you wrap your arms around his neck, Jungkook lets out a moan that masks the sound of thunder outside. Want to do something else? Care to enlighten me, baby girl? Could we order food too? He loves it when you play with his hair. You once ate six cups of ramen in the middle of the night. It was adorable! He has become your home and your comfort.

I always feel like this around you. Before you could even answer, his lips are already on yours. He would see you in the crowd and would literally freeze on stage for at least a few seconds.

Just like you! Originally posted by jeonsshi. Summary: A oneshot for each member of Bangtan Seonyeondan. I wanted more myself, but Jimin is the reason this series came to life, so.

I wrote his first. Let me know what you think! The shock makes your flight instinct appear instantly. Did I really- one look and you see your paws. Oh God, now he knows. You feel it before you can smell or hear it. Jungkook is scared. Only for you, Kookie. You can count yourself lucky to be my mate. Even if you have no idea. He lives life and I admire him for that. Love you. Gif is not mine. Credits to the owner. Taehyung is ex-ci-ted in capital letters as he drags you along to show you his wardrobe.

On the other hand, Taehyung looks so, so happy, and that fills your heart with warmth. So you let yourself be dragged to his room. The one spot that controls your retractable claws. They are out now, open and on display. The sudden snag on his skin has Taehyung run into a door. Log in Sign up. Text Mean. Originally posted by yoonggi Pairing : yoongi x reader Genre : fluff? I was just really hungry, okay?

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Since this was a sensitive topic to some, and im quite young. You are gorgeous, every part of you, you are my shining angel, and I love you for who you are! He leaves open mouth kisses around your inner thighs, between the valley of your breasts, down your stomach. It will end up with a red faced Jin saying 29 words per second and squaring up ready for anything. WorldWide Handsome.

Sooooo, here I am with part 2!! Let's not wait any longer to get into the fanfiction!!

He would prepare a bath so you could get out of the sleepy state. He would place his arm around your waist and walk you to the bathroom. Once you were there, he would look at you and place his hands on the hem of your dress. Sensing what he was going to do, you would scold slapping his hands.

Answer: Love myself, Love yourself.

All rights go to the respective fic owners. If there is any content appearing on this blog belonging to you that you do not wish to appear on this site, please message us with a link to say which post and it will promptly be removed. I found the fic! And I added an extra fic that I enjoyed and is pretty similar to the one you were originally looking for! After dying at a much too young age, Kim Namjoon is a guardian angel. Now he is faced with the prospect of saving three young lives - Kim Taehyung, Min Yoongi and Jeon Jungkook - by taking on a human form and keeping them safe. But as time goes on, he grows fonder of each of them than he ever expected to, and the line between right and wrong starts blurring little by little as he watches their relationships change. Head on down to our angst tag here! Yoongi hums, studying himself in the mirror with careful eyes before turning around, a smile already curling half his mouth. And Jeongguk wants to tell him he looked pretty before - wants to tell Yoongi that his eyes are lovely, the shape of his mouth even lovelier, all of his features delicate and soft and sort of sweet.

kookie-dough fanfiction — Jin as your Boyfriend// Chubby Edition

Words: 12k Genre: Extreme fluff for all you bitter people out there me being included Read the sequel drabble: here Read more at Service Series. Do you even know what time it is over here? Just let me sleep. In your pajamas on the couch all day.

Jungkook was like your addiction, even if the two of you had only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks. The relationship between the two of you was sweet and nice, but the darker side was something that remained unspoken.

Next Morning Jk: Morning sunshine. You: I never got your name,so weirdo it is. Jk: Then just call me daddy.

— Boyfriend! Jungkook (Pt.2)♡

Cold sheets in the morning. Rain pouring on the windows, casting shadows on the ruffled bed. Your shirt riding up as you stretch your hands over your head and the joggers you had stolen from Jungkook sagging on your hips.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: [BTS Jungkook FF] 𝑪𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝑴𝒚 𝑩𝒐𝒚𝒇𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒏𝒅 𝑴𝒚 𝑬𝒙 𝑵𝒂𝒎𝒆 𝑷𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒌 [Oneshot]

Currently in need of some major fluff. You guys are great. Authors note: Thank you for the request and kind words! And I hope this is good enough to fill your fluff needs, and that your day is good to you! Having gotten into his pyjamas and doing his nightly routine, Jin was just about ready to collapse into bed after another tiring day of practice, but before his head could hit his pillow, his ringtone blared throughout the bedroom.

welcome to my writing wonderland — BTS REACTION: your BF doesn’t want you anymore and...

Танкадо посмотрел на женщину, поднеся исковерканные пальцы прямо к ее лицу, как бы умоляя понять. Кольцо снова блеснуло на солнце. Женщина отвернулась. Танкадо, задыхаясь и не в силах произнести ни звука, в последней отчаянной надежде посмотрел на тучного господина. Пожилой человек вдруг поднялся и куда-то побежал, видимо, вызвать скорую.

Танкадо явно терял последние силы, но по-прежнему совал кольцо прямо в лицо тучному господину. Тот протянул руку, взял Танкадо за запястье, поддерживая остававшуюся на весу руку умирающего. Танкадо посмотрел вверх, на свои пальцы, на кольцо, а затем, умоляюще, - на тучного господина.

Thank you guys so much, it really mean a lot to me all of the messages I have gotten over the past week. Tae's Apr 1, - Uploaded by BTS Imagines.

- Ты слышала, как я швырнул на верхнюю площадку свои ботинки. Сьюзан вдруг поняла, что смеется и плачет одновременно. Коммандер спас ей жизнь. Стоя в темноте, она испытывала чувство огромного облегчения, смешанного, конечно же, с ощущением вины: агенты безопасности приближаются.


Он лежал, устремив глаза к небу и продолжая прижимать руку к груди. Внезапно камера отъехала в сторону, под деревья. В кадре возник мужчина в очках в тонкой металлической оправе, в руке он держал большой портфель.

Bts Fanfiction : Boyfriend for rent: part 2

Беккер даже прервал свое занятие и посмотрел на лейтенанта. Solo el escroto. Он с трудом сдержал улыбку. - Только лишь мошонка.

Хейл поклялся, что никогда больше не переступит порога тюрьмы, и сдержал слово, предпочтя смерть. - Дэвид… - всхлипывала .

Десяток компьютерных терминалов располагались напротив видеоэкрана, занимавшего всю дальнюю стену площадью девять на двенадцать метров. На экране стремительно сменяли друг друга цифры и диаграммы, как будто кто-то скользил рукой по клавишам управления.

Несколько операторов очумело перебегали от одного терминала к другому, волоча за собой распечатки и отдавая какие-то распоряжения. В помещении царила атмосфера полного хаоса.

По сторонам, правда, находились железные ворота, но звать на помощь уже поздно. Беккер прижался к стене спиной, внезапно ощутив все камушки под подошвами, все бугорки штукатурки на стене, впившиеся в спину. Мысли его перенеслись назад, в детство. Родители… Сьюзан. О Боже… Сьюзан.

Мидж задумалась. До нее тоже доходили подобные слухи. Так, может быть, она зря поднимает панику.

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