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Do i need a tax guy

Since most people's financial situations change every year, it's a question worth asking annually. The flowchart below can help you make a quick decision, but keep reading for more detailed guidelines. Do it yourself with tax software or through the IRS website. The IRS does not charge to file taxes.

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Need someone to prepare your tax return?

As the new tax season approaches, it is good to know what your filing status will be and if you even need to file taxes. How do you determine if you need to file a tax return? You may have to pay a penalty if you are required to file a tax return and fail to do so. Also, in certain instances if you fail to file a tax return you may face criminal prosecution. Usually if your gross income is at least the amount on the table above for the age and filing status listed, you should file a tax return.

Example 1: Jim and Pam are married and plan to file a joint return. Example 2: Hazel, age 30, is single with no dependents. This exceeds the minimum amount required for a person filing as single. If you want more handy tax tips, then feel free to check out my latest articles here. It helps spread the word about The Handy Tax Guy and allows me to keep bringing you great content. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. The Handy Tax Guy makes no absolute representation to the correctness, mistakes, omissions, delays, appropriateness, or legitimacy of any information on this site.

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The 6 biggest screw-ups people make on their tax returns

Filing your taxes can be a hassle, depending on your situation. If you're just an individual filling out a W-2, you can likely handle that yourself. But when your return is more complex, you might find it's worth hiring a professional — someone who can save you not only time and stress but also money. Mark Kohler , CPA tax attorney and senior adviser at TaxSlayer, says there are plenty of good reasons to consider asking for help. Here are five scenarios, for example, in which it might be worth it to bring in a professional.

We believe that supporting your financial goals should not be only about crunching the numbers, but promoting your overall success. He has the ability to take complicated stuff and distill it down to an understandable nugget.

Preparing tax returns can be a lucrative full-time or part-time business. And it can be easier than you think to become a income tax preparer. There are over one 1. They come in all shapes and sizes.

What do I need to bring to my tax appointment?

Regular customers have been through our process before and may have a pretty good idea about what we will need to get your tax return completed quickly and accurately. But regardless of whether you are a new or returning client you still may be confused about which documents to gather for your tax appointment. Many of the needed documents may trickle into your mailbox one by one. So we recommend that you establish a folder in a central location to accumulate tax documents until they all arrive and you are ready for your tax appointment. As always, please give us a call at if you have any questions. There are of course many other documents which may or may not apply to your situation. This information is subject to change. Please visit our tax blog by clicking here for up to date information that may assist you. While you are here please take a look at our most recent tax tips newsletter pdf for more substantial tidbits and nuggets that may help you save on your tax return. Due to the untamed nature of the internet some emails may be captured by our spam traps and never reach us.

Hiring An Accountant To Do Your Taxes Vs Using Turbo Tax Or Tax Cut

Navigating the labyrinth of federal and state tax forms is a tricky business. It's no wonder that so many of us are willing to pay a professional accountants, financial planner, etc. In , the most recent year for which data is available, Yet some filers find that the professionals can make mistakes, too. And when the pros mess up, the consequences can be very bad for you, not for them.

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If your tax preparer makes a mistake resulting in you having to pay additional taxes, penalties or interest, you have to pay these fees — not your tax preparer. When you suspect the tax preparer of misconduct that results in an IRS audit and penalties, you can report them to the IRS for misconduct or sue for damages. The bad news is that even when the tax preparer makes mistakes , you must pay the penalties. Ideally, the tax preparer should rectify the mistake by taking necessary corrective action, including filing an amended return at no extra charge, informing the IRS and compensating the taxpayer to smooth things over.

Tax Software vs. Accountant or Tax Pro (Which Should You Use?)

Asking someone to do your taxes can be a little like asking for help with home improvement tasks. Some people enjoy do-it-yourself DIY projects—they have the knack, and would rather save money and keep their business to themselves. Meanwhile, others are happy to outsource these time-intensive chores to a professional, who may also do a better job.

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We're Giving Away Cash! Enter to Win. But you can get someone else to do them. For those of us who would like to spend our weekends at the park with the kids or, honestly, anywhere else but at a desk with tax forms and schedules, finding a tax advisor may be our only hope this tax season. How much does it cost to have a professional do your taxes? While the national average is a good starting place, a lot of things determine the actual cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Taxes Done?

These credentials all require varying amounts of study, exams and ongoing education. How do you find the best tax preparer near you with the credentials you want? Membership in a professional organization such as the National Association of Tax Professionals, the National Association of Enrolled Agents, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, or the American Academy of Attorney CPAs is always a good thing to have, as most have codes of ethics, professional conduct requirements and various certification programs. How much do tax preparers charge? Never sign a blank tax return — the preparer could put anything on the return, including their own bank account number so they can steal your refund.

How do you find the best tax preparer near you with the credentials you want? he or she can get you a bigger refund than the next guy, those are red flags.

Do you really need an accountant to file your taxes? And will an accountant actually save you money versus using an off the shelf tax program like Turbo Tax? In this post, I discuss my own personal experiences filing my tax returns with 2 different accountants vs using Turbo Tax and Tax Cut. I also like the feeling of control knowing how all of the numbers are calculated in my return. If you are interested in starting an ecommerce business, I put together a comprehensive package of resources that will help you launch your own online store from complete scratch.

How to become a tax preparer

The next step is to choose how you want to file your taxes this year. Most of the advice from their website would be free because it is general information. Now if you need expert legal specific to your personal needs, you would hire an attorney who would give you professional legal advice and cost for his or her professional expertise. The information provided would be general information not specific to your individual needs.

Is A Tax Preparer Liable for Mistakes?

As the new tax season approaches, it is good to know what your filing status will be and if you even need to file taxes. How do you determine if you need to file a tax return? You may have to pay a penalty if you are required to file a tax return and fail to do so. Also, in certain instances if you fail to file a tax return you may face criminal prosecution.

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Put down the spreadsheet and call us.

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