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The call came one night as I was driving back to the dorms after hot yoga. It was my roommates asking for a favor. Being the person that I am, I happily agreed. All they wanted was permission to use my phone number.

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The call came one night as I was driving back to the dorms after hot yoga. It was my roommates asking for a favor. Being the person that I am, I happily agreed. All they wanted was permission to use my phone number. My mistake. Later that night, as my roommates and I were heading down to the cafeteria, I noticed a sign hung up in the dorm hall.

The application listed various specifications that may be found in a boyfriend. Requirements included but were not limited to:. At the very bottom of the paper were tabs that could be torn away. The tabs were decorated in black ink with seven digits. Immediately, my stomach dropped and my pulse quickened. I pointed to the sign and turned to my roommates. In return, I was answered with squeals and footsteps rushing down the stairs.

Each one of my roommates had been dating someone which made me the odd man out. I respected that the two girls who had grown to be family were merely being helpful. They had been trying to set me up with guys since the end of the fall semester. No shenanigans performed then would prepare me for the moments that lay ahead. I was overwhelmed with the response to the boyfriend application. None of us thought that something so simple as hanging up a flyer with contact information would create such a reaction.

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Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. This is not a valid email, please try again. Guys who were upset that this might be an act of bullying were checking in to make sure I was okay. Others were genuinely interested in finding a significant other and took the application very seriously. Of course, there will always be those who lack the necessary maturity. Unfortunately, no epic love story was fabricated through this impromptu set up.

I did, however, receive angry text messages from a girl who responded to the application pretending to be a guy.

After hearing her boyfriend had responded to the application, she immediately took action. In summary, she felt personally attacked that some trashy girl would hang up such an obscene poster. I took a moment to process all she had said. If hanging up a boyfriend application was vulgar and trashy then what does that make Tinder or other online dating outlets? Most may not realize this, but before cell phones and computers, the most common form of communication was paper and pencil. In comparison, hanging up the boyfriend application was no different.

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Get the boyfriend application form

It's not always an easy task! Consequently, many singles are enlisting the help of professional cupids whose business is bringing together compatible couples. Today's matchmakers work hard for their money—and they demand a lot of it.

Put your mind at ease because technology can help you out. The thing is, she or he has been looking right back at you, too.

Like so many of us, comedian Arantza Fahnbulleh understands how tiring it can be to do trial and error with fuckboy after fuckboy while trying to find Prince Charming, so she's treating the dating game the way it should be treated — less like a game and more like a hiring process. First, she sent out the PSA that a job opening for her next boyfriend had become available on Instagram. It's cuffing season after all and she's excited to be filling this role in the near future, clearly:. Then she created a very straightforward and to-the-point application, explaining on Twitter that all applicants should "fill out all forms with tape attached. It didn't take long for applications to start rolling in, like this guy who says he can supply "references and recommendations" upon request:.

Best Android apps for finding yourself a date, boyfriend, or girlfriend

A while back my friend made this for me and it has except them from all other possible gift giving for the foreseeable future. Could really use someone to talk to. Open to most any kind of relationship. Lifes a little rough rn, and I could use some affection and virtual cuddles. I have searched single on here a couple days ago and realized single tumblrs on here are mainly for girls looking for girls no offense. Why not have a place for all kinds of people. Girls looking for Guys. Guys looking for girls. Guys looking for Guys.

This Application Form Is the Perfect Way to Screen Potential Boyfriends

We designed the service with you in mind and built in some of the most requested features, including: text messaging, personalized notes, and photos. Pricing outside the United States and Canada may be different. Whether you love or hate the service or anything in between , we want to know. Want a better companion? A boyfriend who is willing to talk, listen, and support you.

Here you go: 1.

By continuing to use this site, you give your consent to our use of cookies for analytics, personalization and ads. Read more. A good man is hard to find and a decent one that actually has your best interest at heart is even harder. They say men are in short supply and based on your own experience, you may know that a man who has his life together is indeed almost as rare as a unicorn.

The Boyfriend Application Is The New Tinder

By Kerry Mcqueeney. When a student posted a note on Facebook post saying she was looking for a boyfriend, she expected a few wisecracks in response to her online 'joke'. But one potential suitor appeared to take the invitation very seriously - or perhaps wickedly tongue-in-cheek - when he slipped an application for the 'position' of boyfriend under her dorm room door.

Photographs may sway my opinion one way or the other, feel free to attach any that you think may help you gain this position. Just a reminder: be completely honest with. Thanks, and have fun. Full legal name. Eye color. Natural hair color.

Man writes application letter to woman who said on Facebook she was looking for a boyfriend

Top definition. Boyfriend unknown. A boy who makes you feel like he can give you the stars. A boy you believe only sees you. A boy who gives you that " I have to pee " feeling even though that isn't true at all. Someone you would do anything for, someone you believe would do anything for you and would never hurt you.

This actually looks like fun! It makes me wanna sign up and apply to be someone's boyfriend. haha Download the PDF form here (right click “save as”) and fill it.

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The Official Girlfriend Application

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Invisible Boyfriend

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Are you qualified? Boyfriend application form

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