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These days, celebrity chefs are a dime a dozen. You can find quite a number of them cooking on local news broadcasts, or even on The Food Network and other channels like that the world over. But that cannot be said of Gordon Ramsay, as the man has a bounty of experience, both as a chef and restaurateur. Known for his temper, his shows alone have garnered him quite the fortune.

Many people know the face, the mighty roar and even some of his most famous dishes, but not many people know everything about this man and his successful restaurants. What makes a master, a master? Trying time and time again to get it right. Working, day and night, to make your technique the best in the world. To do that, it takes drive and determination. These are definitely traits which this man exudes every day in his life and when it comes to his culinary career, he applied those traits tenfold.

So as he worked his way up the line in many kitchens, he failed, and failed and learned from every mistake. Pretty impressive indeed and we'll say that was a mighty head start. The problems with his first experience as an owner would come from his partners, when difficult working conditions and decisions on their part would start to affect his working environment. This decision showed quite a few things about his personality: 1 He will not take well to horrible working conditions and bad decisions, and 2 He is capable of influencing and leading others.

Yes, so many of his restaurants have closed down over the years, but this isn't because of bad service, or bad food quality. Au contraire! The reason for this turnaround in his empire was always out of improving the quality of his restaurants and moving from one opportunity to a better one. His current locations are some of the best in the world, and they got that way because he and his team are constantly weighing out their options in order to put their best forward and allow the old and or restaurants that weren't capitalizing to be allowed to remain in the past.

So are there the naysayers? At the end of the day, there always are. When you've reached the success that this man has, the naysayers seem to come out of the woodwork. But such naysayers can't always be trusted, as such negative statements might be coming from some sour and jealous people. The math doesn't add up, really. Maybe he fired that one percent at some point over the years, who knows?

Unfortunately, there have been rumors at a few of his locations concerning pre-prepared food, but again, these statements may have been made by the enemies and detractors that have piled up over the years. He seems to be quite opposed to the idea of such pre-prepared items, and he seems to believe fresh is better.

Over the years the integrity of his food and his dedication to it has not only grown but become quite apparent. At the end of the day, he's a world class chef and statements such as this accusation are probably blatant lies. Now we're sure that you'd expect Ramsay's price list to be quite high when dining at any one of his establishments. After all, he is the biggest star the industry has seen since Wolfgang Puck. But you'd be pleasantly surprised to hear that his prices are downright affordable.

In actual fact, the prices for his food are not only affordable, but at times, rather cheap. Not bad at all. Hell's Kitchen is definitely one of Ramsay's most popular shows. The show first premiered in the UK to rave reviews and great success. The 2nd edition of the show, filmed for North American audiences, is now in its 18th season. Viewers love to watch the action unfold on screen, and both in the dormitories and in the sacred kitchen, where, if the chefs try anything sneaky, Ramsay is there to put an end to any and all shenanigans.

But the rumors about the show are indeed pretty numerous. Like any reality based show, rumors of scripting run rampant in many online forums, as well as the possibility of producers placing false chefs within the cast to make the show that much more interesting. Fed up with having partners and having to fight every time a decision had to be made, Ramsay's dream to own his own restaurant without anybody else came to fruition in with the opening of the aptly named, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

That success would then open doors in the British television scene that would soon make him an international star, the likes of which the world had never seen. This also led to his impressive North American television success.

The question that's probably racking most of your collective brains is: With all that work and output, how much is the dude worth? TV appearances, restaurants, and holdings the man must be up to his ears in equity, right? Is anyone else picturing Scrooge McDuck jumping into his vault of gold coins doing the backstroke? Well, if you thought he was "up there" you wouldn't have been wrong. The man is up to an estimated million dollar net worth and to give you all an idea, that's more than what some rock stars are worth!

In his late teens, Ramsay played soccer and then also at the professional collegiate level. Unfortunately, this career option was taken away from him at 19 when he injured his knee. With his dreams of playing professional soccer over, he then turned his attention to yet another passion of his, the kitchen. He studied at North Oxfordshire Technical College. His actual certification is in Hotel management and not the culinary arts.

But regardless, his first job was as a Commis de Cuisine at Wroxton House Hotel and he worked his way up the culinary ladder rather impressively, paying his many dues at many other locations. It would be in that he would own a significant part of his very first restaurant, Aubergine.

There are indeed many professional chefs that take that courageous leap from just being a chef to actually owning one, or many establishments. Perhaps it is the dream of many chefs to one day work only for themselves.

The problem is a lot of chefs can't handle the temperaments of many of the grizzly owners in the business, so they wish to branch out on their own. So was the case for this gentleman, as it didn't take him long to move from chef to restaurateur. The move took courage, but he did it. In his long and illustrious career as a restaurateur, he has owned and operated a whopping amount of eateries all around the world, 45 restaurants to be exact! French cuisine was the second branch that Ramsay studied in his culinary education.

He was tired of the same old British food and he wanted to take his cooking in a totally different direction. And what better way to go than the classic and rustic dishes of the French culinary masters. So it wasn't any wonder that he'd subsequently open many French restaurants over his culinary career and to great success. So does this mammoth of the culinary world get the favorable reviews one would think he would get?

Of course. Ramsay wouldn't have achieved the successes he has without the world reacting favorably to his efforts. Word of mouth is still quite a popular way of getting to know whether a service is at its best, or its worst. As for Ramsay's world-wide kitchens, he gets an amazing 4. In fact, it was an institution. In Montreal, Quebec, Rotisserie chicken is one of the most sought after dining experiences in the city and a close second to their famed "Poutine" dish, a dish of fried potato, topped with cheese curds and gravy.

When Ramsay heard that Laurier Rotisserie was closing its doors, he bought up the restaurant in quick succession, stating that it would have been a travesty for such an important and historic location to close its doors. He named the restaurant Ramsay Rotisserie, but the location closed its doors in less than a year, the Montreal public disliked the fact that the restaurant was no longer run by the old owners.

When talking about world-wide restaurant locations, how can we ignore the food of Italy? That would be a travesty in and of itself. The cuisine of the country has definitely won over the world and for years, travelers have been traveling to the peninsula in search of exquisite pasta dishes made from scratch and succulent pizza.

Let's not forget the famed dishes like Veal Picatta, Veal Parmesan and the tantamount cheeses and fine wines. Ramsay studied the cuisine early in his career and it was always a dream for him to return and own his very own place one day. And for you hungry travelers, he did have quite a few other locations strewn across Europe that you could have stopped at during your travels, but despite favorable reviews, those other European locations have closed over the last few years. But should your travels take you to Europe, you are bound to find a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in France, Italy and of course London, which houses most of his European locations, so whatever your travel plans, try to hit London if you want to sample his incredibly succulent dishes.

In the culinary industry, there are only a few names that stand out among people in the business and outside that are recognizable as authorities in the world of fine cuisine and no other two names are and were bigger than Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain who enjoyed a long career as a New York Chef, TV personality and author of books both fictitious and non, sadly passed away this summer, leaving the world distraught and saddened by his passing. Years ago, before he would find the success that No Reservations would bring him, he worked for the Food Network on a short-lived TV program and on one occasion visited Ramsay in London to sample his succulent menu.

The event would mark the first time the giants were seen on screen at the same time, but it wouldn't be the last. Breaking into the domain of world cuisine isn't easy, but finally, after many years of trying to locate the perfect spots, Ramsay would bring his knowledge of international cuisine to other spots around the globe and this decision would prove to be rather fruitful.

Yes, some of his world-wide locations would close over the years, but some outside of Europe are still in fact open and operating quite nicely. Should you want to visit his Bread Street Kitchen in Singapore or China, or one of his Maze locations situated in Doha, Qatar, they are still open and doing extremely well.

Having been a student of British, Italian and French cuisine, he brings all of those techniques to the table at many of his locations. But his food doesn't only have a European flair. He is responsible for designing many colorful and international dishes which he offers at many of his locations and this is definitely a fresh offering that has erupted onto the scene over the last few decades or so.

This man has high standards and he expects all that work for him to see things the same way, and at the end of the day that's a great thing and you can safely trust his food at any one of his restaurants. But apart from his love of food, within this iconic chef is a voracious appetite for travel.

He's been around the world and many times over. He has visited some of the most obscure places and yes, even some of the most exotic spots on the planet. This has garnered him the possibility to sample some of the world's most delicious food made by the most experienced chefs.

He has tasted and tried to make all he has sampled and the end result is the multi-cultural menus he offers at his restaurants. In fact, chefs the world over are encouraged to travel when they've got time off, so that they can learn such dishes from the masters themselves.

If you happen to pass Chef Ramsay's inspection and tutelage unscathed and with flying colors, you will have no greater person on your side, protecting your back.

He is a believer of the old standards of the brigade as established by the master of the system, Escoffier himself, and Ramsay has applied these principles time and time again.


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If you want the Gordon Ramsay email address for their management team, or booking agency, we have that available for you to view by signing up. You can find the Gordon Ramsay booking info and booking price estimate here.

If your dream weekend involves feeding slot machines and schmoozing with celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Giada De Laurentiis, and Bobby Flay, you're going to want to book a plane ticket to Las Vegas this May. Gordon Ramsay is hosting not one but two events, both of which involve his recipes and lots of booze. Hell's Kitchen at Caesars Palace was, of course, inspired by his hit show. At the dinner, mega-fans will recognize some of the dishes from the show.

Gordon Ramsay Is Hosting A Massive Cocktail Party In Las Vegas This May

These days, celebrity chefs are a dime a dozen. You can find quite a number of them cooking on local news broadcasts, or even on The Food Network and other channels like that the world over. But that cannot be said of Gordon Ramsay, as the man has a bounty of experience, both as a chef and restaurateur. Known for his temper, his shows alone have garnered him quite the fortune. Many people know the face, the mighty roar and even some of his most famous dishes, but not many people know everything about this man and his successful restaurants. What makes a master, a master? Trying time and time again to get it right.

She had years of experience in the restaurant business, including a stint as a general manager at just 22 years old, but she wanted to try something different. In her interview, the general manager and restaurant director of Maze looked at her impressive resume and laughed, insisting that she try one night as a receptionist and one night as a waitress and then decide which job she wanted. As a people person with a passion for hospitality, Pericic enjoyed working on the floor of the restaurant much more than sitting behind a desk. Pericic had years of experience in the restaurant industry, but Maze was another level. Frank Adelhart.

For more on fall TV, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now, or buy it here. Whether you consider him a brilliant culinary entrepreneur or screamy self-promoter, Gordon Ramsay has had fronted more successful U.

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how to meet gordon ramsey - London Forum

We love his show here in us - hells kitchen.. Thats a tall order - perhaps he will be on holidays as his kids are school age and the schools don't go back til sept. Have you thought to ask the restaurant if he will be there that day, and mention your special request - its always worth a try. If you were determined to see him, you could book the Chef's Table at Gordon Ramsey's at Claridges - the table is located in the kitchen, and you can watch him at work.

You and 3 guests will enjoy a dinner service taping of Hell's Kitchen, as well as a meet and greet with none other than Gordon Ramsay himself in Los Angeles. Be on the floor right in the action witnessing Chef Ramsay training the next generation of elite chefs. They will get to see firsthand the iconic Chef Ramsay in action as he judges, tastes and inevitably yells at the contestants making the meals. The following Conditions of Sale and Terms of Guarantee, as amended by any posted notices or announcements during the auction and in addition to the Term of Use for Charitybuzz. The Conditions of Sale, Terms of Guarantee, the glossary, if any, and all other contents of this lot are subject to amendment by us by the posting of such amendments on the Charitybuzz website www.

A former assistant manager at Maze reveals what it’s really like to work for Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon Ramsay. likes · talking about this. The official Facebook page of Chef, Restaurateur, TV Personality and Dad, Gordon Ramsay.

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Meeting Gordon Ramsay

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