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Ann Arbor, MI www. Regardless of whether foot- ball officials were aware of the disciplinary investigations or OSCR's subsequent sanctions, legal experts told the Daily that OSCR could have informed foot- ball officials at any point during the disciplinary investigation and proceedings. As previously reported by the Daily, the outc Ann Arbor, MI tothedaily michigandaily. All that had separated him from his first Illinois high-school state title was a one-point escape. But when the clock expired, his opponent, current University of Illinois wrestler

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Toggle navigation. Have you forgotten your login? Study of photonic crystals on thin film lithium niobate for sensing applications - design, fabrication and characterization.

Wentao Qiu 1, 2 Details. Hide details. Abstract : Light is incredibly versatile for measuring all kinds of physical quantities :temperature, electric field E-field , displacement and strain etc. Photonic sensors are promising candidates for the new generation of sensors developments due to their virtues of high sensitivity, large dynamic range and compact size etc. Integrated and on-fiber end photonic sensors on thin film lithium niobate TFLN exploring the electro-optic EO and pyro-electric effects are studied in this thesis in order to design E-field sensors and temperature sensors T-sensors.

These studies aim to develop sensors with high sensitivity and compact size. To achieve that aim, sensors that are made of photonic crystals PhC cavities are studied by sensing the measurand through the resonance wavelength interrogation method. In integrated sensor studies, intensive numerical calculations by PWE method, mode solving technique and FDTD methods are carried out for the design of high light confinement waveguiding structures on TFLN and suitable PhC configurations.

Among them, slot WG yields the highest confinement factor while strip loaded WG is an easier option for realizations. Bragg grating is designed in slot WG with an ultra compact size about 0. However, the realization of nanometric components on LN presents a big challenge. In the on-fiber end sensor studies, guided resonance, oftentimes referred to as Fano resonance due to its asymmetric lineshape, is studied with different PhC lattice types.

A Suzuki phase lattice SPL PhC presenting a Fano resonance at the vicinity of nm has been studied and demonstrated as temperature sensor with sensitivity of 0. Identifiers HAL Id : tel, version 1. Citation Wentao Qiu. Optics [physics. Metrics Record views. Contact support.

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Toggle navigation. Have you forgotten your login? Study of photonic crystals on thin film lithium niobate for sensing applications - design, fabrication and characterization. Wentao Qiu 1, 2 Details.

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We've all reveled in the schadenfreude that is viral blog Texts From Last Night , but how many of you have actually contributed? Well, now thanks to a new startup called Bnter pronounced "Banter" from the creator of TFLN , you can share all of your best texts with friends via a website and mobile app. Right now, the site is pretty sparse — considering the only people following me at present are Leto and Moberg — but the concept is pretty simple. Merely create a profile which you can make private if you don't want strangers all up in your textual business and start posting text convos. Friends can comment on posts as well, and weigh in on your conversations. That's pretty much all the direction you're going to get. We've purposely been vague in our description of 'interesting conversations' so there is room for interpretation and users can use the site to express themselves as they see fit. While you could hypothetically just stick with the website, the app makes the experience easier, allowing you to paste conversations from your phone directly to the app which is still kind of a pain — we hope the Bnter crew finds a less labor-intensive method of sharing texts in the future and find friends via Facebook, Twitter and your address book.

texts from Mt. Olympus

De management: the dating apps for fastening, and part of nearby every day. Whatever you're going to ensure that we have a date and having less personal time you with 10 things to make new people. Oasis active - eharmony ipad, meetup can talk to use a favorite iphone users need. All over 5 std dating and explore the android and ios We've selected what we use: america's most famous dating apps in singapore.

Applicnts may pay up In Mul on Allotment, and will be allowed Interest at the rae of 4 per cent. I OlihllPar.

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guess who’s back, bitches.*

Some guys […] More. Some guys think coming on too strong is sweet or romantic, but most women just find it annoying and creepy. Some people are awful at taking rejection. This guy is not one of them.

Стратмор был поражен до глубины души. Никто никогда не позволял себе говорить с заместителем директора АНБ в таком тоне. - Сьюзан, - проговорил он, стараясь сдержать раздражение, - в этом как раз все. Мне было нужно… Но тигрица уже изготовилась к прыжку. - В вашем распоряжении двадцать тысяч сотрудников. С какой стати вы решили послать туда моего будущего мужа.

The Times, May 29, 1906

Quien es. Кто он. - Понятия не имею. - Похож на китайца. Японец, подумал Беккер. - Бедняга. Сердечный приступ. Беккер безучастно кивнул: - Так мне сказали.

//SQ/sequence number. NUM(4). //NA/name of vessel. CHAR(40). //RC/call sign. CHAR(8). //XR/external identification letters and numbers. CHAR(14). //DA/date.

Фонтейна это позабавило. - Вы знаете, кто. - Какая разница? - огрызнулся светловолосый. - Позвольте вам сразу кое-что объяснить, - сказал директор.

Вирус. Кто тебе сказал про вирус. - Это единственное разумное объяснение, - сказала .

Внезапно она встала. В голосе ее прозвучала удивительная решимость: - Мы должны установить с ним контакт. Должен быть способ убедить его не выпускать ключ из рук. Мы обязаны утроить самое высокое сделанное ему предложение.

Не .

Слишком уж удобная версия. Стратмор пожал плечами. - Слабое сердце… да к тому же еще испанская жара. Не забывай и о сильнейшем стрессе, связанном с попыткой шантажировать наше агентство… Сьюзан замолчала.

Бринкерхофф растерянно постоял минутку, затем подбежал к окну и встал рядом с Мидж. Та показала ему последние строчки текста. Бринкерхофф читал, не веря своим глазам. - Какого чер… В распечатке был список последних тридцати шести файлов, введенных в ТРАНСТЕКСТ. За названием каждого файла следовали четыре цифры - код команды добро, данной программой Сквозь строй.

- Всю статистику по работе ТРАНСТЕКСТА, все данные о мутациях. Ты займешься Третьим узлом. Сотрешь всю электронную почту Хейла. Все, что относится к его переписке с Танкадо, где упоминается Цифровая крепость.

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