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To the poor man, a rich man is lucky. To the rich man, a poor man is lazy. Needless to say, life is valuable, yet, it is an unfortunate shame that so many men today, waste it all away. Things like luck or even intelligence play no role in success, though many gentlemen still believe into the fallacy wholeheartedly.

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30 Ways to Become a More Successful Entrepreneur

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To the poor man, a rich man is lucky. To the rich man, a poor man is lazy. Needless to say, life is valuable, yet, it is an unfortunate shame that so many men today, waste it all away. Things like luck or even intelligence play no role in success, though many gentlemen still believe into the fallacy wholeheartedly.

The truth is, if you want to know how to be a super successful businessman in this world, all that is required of you, is to be breathing! After reading this guide you will know exactly why this is true. Many of these steps will make you sick to your stomach, perhaps you will sh-t your pants. With that said, I would like to welcome you to uneasiness of being a super successful businessman and entrepreneur. Face reality, there is no work — life — balance! All of which have consequences.

Birthdays, holidays anniversaries, etc. Men who refuse to believe that, are riddled with excuses. Then it progresses to men with families, who have grown into their years. Eagles fly alone. Do you want to have a life? Look at the high-performance businessmen of the world. They are not going to all the college football bowl games. When it comes to entrepreneurship, loneliness is a topic no one wants to talk about.

You ARE the result of the five people you spend the most time around with. For most men, that includes mom, dad, a brother or sister, and a close friend. If you go to the bar every night to watch the game, belch, fart and down a pint of beer with friends, I guarantee you will be doing that for the rest of your life. Time is the MOST valuable thing a man can spend in his life.

Why in the world are you wasting it? What separates successful men from the failures is one thing: How you end up reacting to and interrupting what happens to you in life. Truthfully, we all have issues. However, high-performance businessmen accept the issues, learn how to deal with them, and move forward right past them. You must step out of your comfort zone, and keep swinging until you hit a home run, every single day.

Theodore Roosevelt once wrote a book on how to become fearless and courageous. Summed up, the point entailed creating drills and lists. It starts by naming one thing you are deathly afraid of doing, and you repeat the process every day.

At the end of the day, you must accomplish it! Do things that are beyond your wildest expectations. Set goals in life which you cannot possibly obtain in two or even three lifetimes. You must constantly grow more and more ambitious.

It certainly is a big stretch to make. Ideally, you want to get stuck in courage and continually sucker yourself into being successful. Start seeing possibilities where others only see limitations. Remember, that customers too, will continually raise the bar when it comes to their level of expectation. Keep up! Burn your ships. As surprising as it is, thousands of men, every single fu-king day, try to get back with their ex.

Instead, they give them ties in which to get back into their life. Why is that? They are afraid of being alone. As Alexander the Great once said, equipping your mind to deal with ultimately overcome fear is the difference in battle.

Sure, he was disastrously defeated, however, his second invasion in 55BC would forever change the story. His plan the second time included burning the ships of his men.

By doing so, he forced them to either succeed or ultimately die. There was no backup plan, there could be no retreat! You will fail! Remember, FEAR is false expectations appearing real. You must never be afraid of fear, nor the idea of embarrassing yourself. Neither of two ever stopped Caesar from claiming victory he believed to be rightfully his. You can accomplish anything with sacrifice. Shocking right? How to lose weight is well-advertised, there are an endless number of writings on the subject.

Because most men are not willing to pay the price of action or make the sacrifices! You know how to eat healthily and go to the gym goddammit. Too many gentlemen have their priorities ass backwards. Your emotional bank account is what forces you to quit. Not your financial bank account. Seeking investment costs you nothing!

Hell, most of the time bankers will end up buying you a free lunch. Most men starting out in the business world only know one thing: What their parents taught them. Of course, the exception being that you were raised by say, world-class Olympian athletes at the top of their food chain for example. In the first seven to eight years of your life, your self-esteem is built.

Remember again, you are the result or average of the five people you spend most of your time with. Out of all of these people, none have any idea nor recipe nor knowledge for success. You must be able to deal with the emotional unsteadiness of success. Smell the leather. Get a good whiff of luxury. Go to the Rolls Royce and Lamborghini dealers and window shop. Tour million dollar homes. Visit country clubs, even if you can only afford a single dinner once a month.

Give yourself a reason to set your goals higher and higher. See your dreams come to life before they actually happen. Focus on the goal line, not the rocky road ahead standing in your way. Every businessman out there knows one thing to be true: The road the success is always under construction. Even lawyers and accountants you cannot afford will see you.

More than often, the first few meetings are free. Dress presidential. Wear what successful businessmen wear, a suit.

Ditch the jeans and t-shirt. Remember, these small habits can dramatically change the way you mentally think about, and ultimately perceive yourself. Of course, first impressions are everything. Dream now and in the future, these things will come true.

Be Selfish! If you really want to change those things, you can, but it requires wealth and money first. In the cosmos of time in this big world, nobody is nothing more than a fart in the wind. Even Thomas Edison is a fart in the wind! Rich businessmen simply have more choices in life. Truthfully, the businessmen best at selling their deals are simply the ones who practice.

I know a lot of men equate shooting hoops or tossing a football as practice for being an all-star. Yet, when it comes to practicing for success, well that slips their minds entirely. Before a meeting practice the way you stand, your handshake and so on.

Do it for years to come. Now, most men today think buying books and listening to podcasts are steps towards success. High-performance businessmen take action, they pull the trigger, do the deals, make mistakes and step on their own dick.

Some of the greatest battles would be merely fairy tales had there not been someone willing to take action first.


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Owning your own business gives you a sense of freedom and empowerment. You can build things and watch them grow. Entrepreneurs make decisions for themselves, realize their creative visions, and develop lasting relationships with other entrepreneurs, customers, and vendors. Grit is perseverance.

7 Things That Can Make You Look Like a Successful Entrepreneur

Have you ever met some people walking on the streets standing out from the crowd and thought they look like rich men? This is the question various people answer to by their own opinion and experience. This the N1 rule of looking like a successful individual. You may think that of course, you should become a rich person and after that get the confidence. In fact, most wealthy men had to learn how to build their confidence before they got where they are today. You can do your best to feel confident, believe in yourself! Confidence is the main reason to always make sure you make yourself be respected by others. Knowledge is King! This is also one of the major mistakes men make because they start all their conversations with sport, phones, or girls and are not being able to finish the Game.

How To Be A Successful Businessman – 50 Rules Of Entrepreneurship Only The Rich And Ruthless Know

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Derek Stillwater has a PhD.

A businessman or businesswoman is a person involved in the business sector — in particular someone undertaking activities commercial or industrial for the purpose of generating cash flow , sales , and revenue by utilizing a combination of human , financial , intellectual and physical capital with a view to fueling economic development and growth. The term "businessperson" may refer to a founder, owner, or majority shareholder of a commercial enterprise ; or it can characterize a high-level executive who does the everyday running and management of a company even if that executive is not the owner. Since a "businessman" can mean anyone in industry or commerce, [3] businessmen have existed as long as industry and commerce have existed.

You feel powerful almost. All you need is a little bit more time Does this sound like you?


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Things like luck or even intelligence play no role in success, though many gentlemen still believe into Look at the high-performance businessmen of the world.

During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. When it comes to business, half the battle is looking and acting the part.

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