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As the US reggae scene evolves over time, there are some major forces at play, shaping the scene and helping get this music in front of more people who will love it. Together they own and operate multiple music venues on the west coast, and they are also the parent company of Rootfire. There are booking agents, managers, and companies that work to support these bands and make big impactful decisions that affect the entire music ecosystem. Amy Sheehan is a person whose work has a huge impact on the reggae scene in the US. As part of the Operations team at Ineffable and Cali Roots, she has played an important role in making Cali Roots a success year after year. She is fiercely passionate about her work, and we wanted to put a spotlight on her for that reason.

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Virtuous: 15 Reggae Songs Celebrating Women

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Superbly talented, Tanya Stephens lays her hypnotic melodious voice over some old-school riddims so naturally that you know she was born to be a reggae artist. Not afraid to mix in some dancehall effects, Stephens keeps it fresh without losing her roots. Two words: beauty and strength. Etana is relentlessly positive, singing with love but not afraid to confront difficult issues in her music. This award-winning reggae artist is just as energetic with her charity work through The Strong Ones United Foundation — music as a force for good.

Tough and in your face, Lady Saw caught some international attention with her Grammy award-winning collaboration with No Doubt. Lady Saw has a hypnotic voice and flawless rhythm that is impossible to ignore — she compels you to move.

After winning early awards for her childhood performances, there was only one way she would go. She was already a successful young artist when she met her now better known husband Bob — they married in Rita continued her solo career while also providing vocals for the I-Threes and the Wailers. Rita is rightfully known as the Queen of Reggae — having made history with the first reggae song to top the Billboard disco charts; and having been the first reggae artist to perform for a Grammy audience.

She has produced a number of successful albums and heads the Rita Marley Foundation , alleviating poverty in developing countries. Timeless and generous. Lady G will get you moving, guaranteed. Relentlessly fun and energetic, Lady G is a talented DJ and vocalist who will put a smile on the face of anyone who cares to listen. Drifting into hip-hop without letting go of her grip on reggae, Lady G rides some classic riddims with a sort of deceptive ease that is indicative of true talent.

Prepare to be entertained. Neo-Roots reggae artist Kelissa is keeping reggae fresh with an unmistakable polished sound. She has a seductive smoothness to her fantastic voice that glides above the distinctive roots reggae beat that grounds the music.

Engage with the world through conscious positivity — Kelissa will show you the way. Mentored and produced by Protoje , Sevana has excellent pedigree and looks set to be one of the big female names in Jamaican music.

Her voice has a classic sound that projects an engaging emotional energy. Stay current with Sevana. Select currency. North America Jamaica Music. Reggae exploded out of Jamaica with such force and such distinctive style that it became a global music phenomenon. The most famous names in reggae are men, but women have contributed as much, often more to this genre of music.

On stage, female reggae artists project pure power and passion, and they should be better known. Here are some of the female reggae artists to take note of. Tanya Stephens. Lady Saw. Rita Marley.

Lady G. Read Next.

Women in Reggae: Amy Sheehan of Ineffable & Cali Roots

Hot damn, I'm down on my knees I want a love, someone please me Come on baby I want to be in love again Lonely nights give me the blues I've had enough of loving and losing Come on baby And hit me like a hurricane Every man need a woman Every woman needs man Do my best To try to make you understand. Now every man needs a woman Every woman needs man Do my best To try to make you understand. Bad luck, don't get in my way Pretty woman you can save me, yeah Come on baby. And take me up to heaven above Treat me right, give me a chance I'm looking for a sweet romance Come on baby And hit me like a hurricane. I want a love, someone please me Come on baby I want to be in love again Lonely nights give me the blues.

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Gyaldem Rising: meet the women of UK dancehall

Bringing you the best music from all over the world. Please support Passion of the Weiss by subscribing to our Patreon. But in practice, our societies have done a remarkably terrible job at giving women their due; instead, we have built a system of oppression that silences their voices, obscures their achievements, and threatens their lives, every single day. We have a moral, historical duty to dismantle this dynamic, to change things in order to amplify and empower women. To achieve true equality. In spite of this shameful history of oppression and abuse, women have always been at the forefront of our social, scientific, and artistic evolutions. No human accomplishment would ever exist without the invaluable contributions of female pioneers, and some of them have single-handedly invented entire fields of study without which our current understanding of the world would be impossible. It was a woman who invented rock and roll. It was a woman who created science-fiction.

Want a Woman

The term also denotes the modern popular music of Jamaica and its diaspora. Reggae spread into a commercialized jazz field, being known first as "rudie blues", then "ska", later "blue beat", and "rock steady". The immediate origins of reggae were in ska and rocksteady; from the latter, reggae took over the use of the bass as a percussion instrument. Reggae is deeply linked to Rastafari , an Afrocentric religion which developed in Jamaica in the s, aiming at promoting Pan Africanism. The musician becomes the messenger, and as Rastafarians see it, "the soldier and the musician are tools for change.

Superbly talented, Tanya Stephens lays her hypnotic melodious voice over some old-school riddims so naturally that you know she was born to be a reggae artist.

UK dancehall is having a moment. Here are eight female artists from the scene you need to know. These artists are blending bashment, soca and honeyed vocals with blistering bars and the grit of the UK underground.

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She approached the podium in a Thom Browne three-piece suit and flashed the crowd the smile of someone who just made music history. As she accepted her award for Best Reggae Album, both her silver braces and golden Gramophone shimmered in the spotlight. She is the first female artist to win the category, and its youngest victor to date. This one is for reggae.

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All the Woman I Need

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Free download of Want a Woman in high quality mp3. Yellowman - We Wish You a Reggae Christmas Stream Yellowman - We Wish You a Reggae Christmas.

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Man Needs Woman Lyrics - Bad Company

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Хейл замолк, уставившись в свой компьютер. Она мечтала, чтобы он поскорее ушел. Сьюзан подумала, не позвонить ли ей Стратмору. Коммандер в два счета выставит Хейла - все-таки сегодня суббота. Но она отдавала себе отчет в том, что, если Хейла отправят домой, он сразу же заподозрит неладное, начнет обзванивать коллег-криптографов, спрашивать, что они об этом думают, В конце концов Сьюзан решила, что будет лучше, если Хейл останется.

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