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Inside you will find the need-to-know info to get your blog noticed: How to choose the right blogging platform or content management tool, select a web host, dress up your blog, manage blog content and keep your privates private! When you are ready for more, The Moxie Girls will treat you to insider dish on blog etiquette, analyzing blog traffic, blogging for business, creating podcasts and adding bling to your blog with plugins, add-ons and more. So, what are you waiting for? This is definitely a great book for the absolute novice in blogging.

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How to Start a Blog in 10 Easy Steps: The Definitive Guide for 2020

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I know you have that voice in your head wondering how you get to be a full-time blogger, with hundreds of thousands of page views a month, amazing brand partnerships and even gasp! Or maybe you run a business and you just want to understand HOW other businesses are creating content that is driving traffic and customers through the doors. They are telling you that because following your fear will always lead to greatness. You just need a guide… and you need to focus on growing what you OWN.

And here I am, offering to be that guide! I hated it. From tackling your page view strategy to working through your workflow and biz process, we will identify your hurdles and LEAP over them. And I have your back. I have sessions designed to help you identify where you can and should SCALE your blog business to take it to the next level. Need to figure out what platform to blog on? Got you covered. I have extensive experience building and maintaining both Wordpress. I hear ya, babe. Your time and energy is toooooo valuable!

My Process Mapping is just what you need. Have no sweet clue how to monetize your blog? She truly changed the way I view my business now and helped me overcome struggles with old beliefs and my value. I had no idea my own potential and the potential that's out there. Thank you, Erin! Erin's insight and understanding of the constantly-shuffling influencer landscape is impeccable. She is a smart, driven, savvy business leader with powerful communication skills.

Her enthusiasm, encouragement, and expertise allowed me to focus my business goals and pursue opportunities I wouldn't have considered otherwise. She helped me base my decisions on knowledge and gain confidence through this process. The four steps to writing a great About Page that will keep your readers on your blog and convert them into die hard fans.

Three ways you can batch your time to get more out of your blogging hours; batching by task, season and by day of the week. How page views are measured; how they are different and related to page sessions and how to understand page views in the context of monetizing your blog.

Yes, you can monetize your site almost from the beginning. This post outlines some of the first steps you need to take to get a solid page views per month to your blog. How to convert an engaged Instagram following into an engaged blog audience; plus how it helps you develop more revenue streams and more intimate connections with your readers.

Tips for finding the right Wordpress host, choosing a domain name and more. The essential steps to get your blog technically launched in about one hour! How do blog posts go viral? How do you prepare your blog for a viral post?

What does having a viral post even mean? No matter what, you should always prepare your blog to go viral to maximize page views, revenue and increase your connection to your readers. I see you. Learn more. Book your Call. No matter where you are in your blogging journey, I can and want to help!

Blog to Business. New Vision. Let's Chat! Sep 19, How to Write a Great About Page. Sep 6, Sep 5, How to Understand Blog Page Views. Aug 6, How to Make Money Blogging. How to get your first Page Views to your Blog. Jul 14, Jul 11, How to turn Instagram Followers into Blog Readers. Jul 9, Jul 7, How do Blog Posts Go Viral?

Meet the Girl

Millions of women around the globe are living with HIV, yet many feel they are alone in their disease and isolated in their day-to-day experiences. The goals of AGLM are to help normalize HIV; and to create a safe space for women living with HIV from around the world to speak out and share their experiences — with each other, and with those seeking a support community. Join our community and become a member to find support and connect to other women living with HIV. Where are we with finding a cure for HIV, and why is it taking so long? Learn answers to these questions and find out more about current cure research strategies.

If you really want to know how to get a girlfriend, the quickest shortcut is discovering how to impress a girl. When you know how to impress a girl, or more broadly, how to impress girls generally, you know how to make yourself attractive to them.

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How To Start A Blog

I know I have felt […]. I know there are a lot of people struggling with finances and their small businesses right now. Not enough cash in the bank. Struggling to pay your bills. But in , I did something that turned everything around. I know there are a lot of people struggling with finances right now. I know there are many small businesses that have had to shut down and lay off employees because of COVID Some of you are keeping a schedule. Top question I answered: How do I prioritize?

Hi! I’m Erin.

Drawing on interviews with bloggers between the ages of fifteen and twenty-one, as well as discursive textual analyses of feminist blogs and social networking postings authored by teenage girls, Keller addresses how these girls use blogging as a practice to articulate contemporary feminisms and craft their own identities as feminists and activists. In this sense, feminist girl bloggers defy hegemonic postfeminist and neoliberal girlhood subjectivities, a finding that Keller uses to complicate both academic and popular assertions that suggest teenage girls are uninterested in feminism. Instead, Keller maintains that these young bloggers employ digital media production to educate their peers about feminism, connect with like-minded activists, write feminist history, and make feminism visible within popular culture, practices that build upon and continue a lengthy tradition of American feminism into the twenty-first century. Girls' Feminist Blogging in a Postfeminist Age.

My blog changed my life and allowed me to work at a job I love, just before I lost hope. Before I'll explain how to start a successful blog quickly and easily, it is important for me to tell the circumstances that led me to open my own blog.

I know you have that voice in your head wondering how you get to be a full-time blogger, with hundreds of thousands of page views a month, amazing brand partnerships and even gasp! Or maybe you run a business and you just want to understand HOW other businesses are creating content that is driving traffic and customers through the doors. They are telling you that because following your fear will always lead to greatness.

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A listener named Daniel wrote in asking how to deal with specific fears he has about blogging, and it reminded me that good writing isn't just about putting your commas in the right place , or even coming up with good stories to tell. Another important part of good writing is getting over your own fears that hold you back. Why are they coming to my site or reading the essay? Are they likely to already agree with me, or do I need to convince them of something?

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In saying that, this year has involved a lot of careful thinking and restructuring. This has been out of necessity rather than want, but it has given me some ideas about the coming year and which areas of my life need retuning. One of those things is how to prevent myself from turning into a bright red tomato by inevitably getting burnt from three seconds of incidental and accidental sun exposure. As a hint, these products are pretty aptly named. My last post was all about the super-fast lazy approach I use when I hit the snooze button one too many times, but sometimes I want to look a little bit more like I put an effort in without really putting an effort in.

How to Get Started Blogging

You ready to do this, guys?! BTW, I also have a step-by-step video tutorial that you can check out here. I started my blog 7 years ago on a total whim. I was having a bad day at work and needed a place to vent so I started a blog. But here I am so many years later still writing — and not only just writing, but also making money from my blog. But people always want to know how to do it. People want to know how to start a blog.

The blog for girls who don't know how to girl.

Hey there, sweet friends! Our journey to becoming full time bloggers is a story all its own, and you can read all about it in this post. I am truly passionate about creating a beautiful, thriving home, life, and business and helping others to do the same! On the blog, those passions manifest themselves in posts about organization and productivity and in practical, easy-to-follow decorating tips.

Diary of a Single Girl

Это все равно что изучать иностранный язык. Сначала текст воспринимается как полная бессмыслица, но по мере постижения законов построения его структуры начинает появляться смысл. Беккер понимающе кивнул, но ему хотелось знать .

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