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How to get a dj manager

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How those opportunities ultimately turn out to be depend on the approach of the artist themselves. It can be easy to blow one of these rare chances by either making the wrong move or doing nothing as a result of not knowing what to do in the first place. Fortunately, there is a way to make a good impression at the first go and we will be sharing you here how to do it. Take note, for these tips may be the deciding factors to furthering your career to the next level:.


How To Get Noticed By a Music Booking Agent

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You are an amazing producer! Your songs are mental! But for some reason, no one invites you to perform at clubs or other events. You begin to ask yourself: Am I really good? Where am I failing? Do I need more marketing? You need to have that acuity to understand if your music is worth playing in a good club sound system. Trust your ears! So, how to get more DJ gigs? The truth is that many amateur producers make the huge mistake of not approaching bookings as a business. In this post, I will share with you some strategies that will help you to approach more effectively promoters, clubs, festivals and other venues.

These are strategies that work perfectly with me and I believe they will be helpful to you as well. People are everything! As long as your life depends on music, keep this quote always present in your mind.

You make music for people to hear. You play for people. You need people to reach more people. You need people to hire you. People, people, people… And especially in the music industry, your success will come from your connections.

Fuck those guys! What I mean is that you should keep in touch with people, whether your fans , friends or family. I once got a show because I answered a fan. It turns out that this fan was a good friend of an event promoter. This promoter listened to my music. This method is called word of mouth , where a person who likes your music will recommend you to 3 friends. After that, each of these 3 friends will recommend you to 3 more friends, and so on.

The key point here is that you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. You have a product your music and you want to sell it. Not all entrepreneurs are extroverts but they are passionate about what they do and they are willing to run the extra mile to spread their work and make connections. In a self-centered digital social media world, getting a real conversation is priceless!

And this is where most amateur artists make a big mistake. You are talking to people, not machines. So act like a normal person and direct yourself to each promoter in a unique and individual way.

Make them feel special that an artist like you approached them. The key to a serious inquiry is research. First, try to understand where your music is most heard. Usually, you have access to this information on their social media or website. If a venue invited them, they might like your music as well and it would be a good idea to get in touch with them.

Odds are on your side. Give yourself advanced notice. Typically, venues and promoters book 2 to 3 months in advance, sometimes more and sometimes less, but always consider this time gap. So my suggestion is: if you want to play in the club X on February 31 st , it would be a good idea to approach the promoter in November of the previous year, maximum.

But it depends on many factors. There are many festivals that plan their line-ups almost a year in advance. There are clubs that have a full schedule for the upcoming six months. Also, if you are planning a single show, you may not need to approach with too much time in advance. But if you are planning a tour, then I strongly advise you to plan and approach venues earlier.

Research is done! As I said, each pitch must be unique , segmented for each promoter. You have to put yourself in their role. If you were a club owner and received dozens of booking emails daily, would you answer them all? Maybe not. Maybe you would only answer those who got your attention. So, given the amount of emails a promoter receives daily, do you think they have time to read your word biography?

Forget it mate. If you do this, bye bye! Go straight to the point. You have to be brief and concise. Have the ability to describe your project and sell your strengths in 1 or 2 sentences maximum.

After all, you want them but after they see what you do, oh boy… they will NEED you! I strongly suggest you to create a website and a professional email contact. Now imagine contact johnny-music. Wow, respect bro! See the difference? I know that creating a website and having a professional email contact can be expensive for some of you.

This should be no excuse for not trying to reach the venues and promoters. But if you want to be a pro and play in the top leagues, you have to make sacrifices. Just remember, investing in your project is never a bad investment. As soon as he opened the email and saw the amount of text, he immediately deleted it. This presentation is important because besides having information about your project, it also has images.

You can include your press photos, photos of your shows, etc. The presentation can be included as an attachment to your email. As I said, the goal of your pitch is to be strong and straight to the point without bore the promoter too much. You may even naturally suggest the promoter to open your presentation. In the middle of your pitch you can write something like:.

Fortunately, there are still good things on the internet and one of them is a website called Canva. Here you can create your own presentation. This website has a lot of good templates. All you need to do is insert your photos and your information. Choose the one you like the most. Many times we fall into the temptation to lie to show more than we really are, to get other people attention.

But as we say in my country: mais depressa se apanha um mentiroso que um coxo! Imagine a girl you like. Would you like to start the relationship with a lie? Telling her you drive a BMW when you actually have a Fiat? You might arouse their interest but as soon as she found out, she would kick you in the ass.

Or even worse, she would label you as a liar! Same happens with promoters. If she likes your charisma or your music she will like you, even if you ride a bike. Always work for a Ferrari. With a good pitch and a good presentation , the chance of you getting invited to play in shows increases.

But like many things in life, success depends on the law of probability. The more venues you approach, the more likely they are to answer you back. Keep trying! I remember when I worked at a telecommunications company a few years ago. I had to sell products and services door to door. I worked for objectives at that time. Your goal today is not to sell any products. Your goal is to approach 50 people.

If You Don’t Have A Manager, Be The Manager – How To Get More DJ Gigs

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There are hundreds of so-called agencies out there which apparently act as booking agents or artist managers. And there are about 4 million DJs and artists who want to be managed by these agencies. It needs to ascertain that they have:.

Are you looking for promotion for gigs around the world? You have come to the best place. Find out more about us and what we can do for you below. We offer the best exposure for DJs online.

4 Signs It’s Time To Get A Manager

On the surface, DJing seems like a one-man job; the perfect field for personalities who are well-suited to working on their own. But who do you really need on your team, what qualifications should they have, and how do you find these people? Read on! Not for : Setting your beat-grids, deciding what your sound and brand should be, paying the bar tab for all the girls you invited to the club. A good manager will create opportunities for you, and help to make you money. At the beginning of your career, you may not need a manager. Keep in mind that the right manager for you may not be an established manager working at a big company. For example, Avicii met his manager, Ash Pournouri , online at a music blog.

Keys to Finding A DJ Manager

The reality is that the DJ pay scale varies widely. You may only be in the booth from 10 p. When you make the decision to commit to your dream of being a professional DJ, these are the key questions you need to ask yourself:. Many DJs will spend hours networking and meeting with club managers or promoters every week. Others will travel long distances to gigs and pay the cost out of their own pocket.

Learn how to get noticed by a music booking agent.

Book world-renowned and rising music artists, DJs and celebrity talent for commercial or private events around the world. Our booking agents can help you bring top talent to audiences almost anywhere. If you need any help, ask us. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding our talent or the booking process.

Get more DJ gigs

A DJ manager is a person who books a disc jockey's engagements and events. A DJ manager is the first line of contact for businesses seeking a DJ at their venues. As a DJ manager, you should have customer service skills and organizational skills; you will also have the opportunity to visit different music venues. Being a DJ manager can be entertaining and profitable.

Many busy DJs may be thinking that hiring a DJ manager may help take some of the extra responsibilities off their plates. The question is, what are the keys to finding a DJ manager? Consider these suggestions before you set out to hire the perfect professional help. One of the first keys to finding a DJ manager is being manager-worthy. What does that mean?

Getting on to a DJ Agency’s books

You are an amazing producer! Your songs are mental! But for some reason, no one invites you to perform at clubs or other events. You begin to ask yourself: Am I really good? Where am I failing? Do I need more marketing?

Jun 12, - Tips on how to contact a promoter or club manager for a gig. The sad truth is DJs often times do not have the right know-how to promote.

We're always asked by our students 'How do you get DJ gigs? There are two distinct ways of getting DJ gigs, either the gigs come to you or you go and hunt them down yourself. Most DJ's start with the latter but the big aim should be that the gigs eventually come to you. Promoters will only come knocking on your door if you're an established artist and that normally means that you're a well known music producer.

First, a proviso. For a lot of us, DJing starts out as a hobby — something to do after school, over the weekend, or to meet girls and guys. When that hobby becomes a source of income on the side, we take it a bit more seriously because it can pay the odd bill or a deliver a killer weekend. This is great if you can count the number of shows you play in a month using one hand.

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