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How to find a womans hot spot

Friday, July 03, The C Spot The C spot or the clitoris is a very sensitive part of the female body. The clitoris contains many nerve endings which react to direct stimulation so much so that an orgasm can result. Essentially this is a group of erectile tissues which can become filled with blood when a woman is sexually excited.

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7 Sex Positions That Work Her G-Spot And Clit At The Same Time

Helena Lorimer April 27, This article was scientifically fact-checked by Human Sexuality expert Dr. Laurie Mintz. But why is touching so important? Because the more time, effort and expertise you put into touching her the way she likes, the better arousal she will achieve! So, put your thinking cap on and get ready to learn all about her erogenous zones, aka: the spots that cause her immense satisfaction and sexual stimulation.

Take notes, copy and paste it, print it out — heck, you can even tape it to your wall if you have to! An erogenous zone is a spot on the body, male or female, that has heightened sensitivity.

And when one or more of these zones are touched, it can cause sexual feelings, from arousal to orgasm. The thing about erogenous zones however, is that there are, of course, some differences among people who have penises and those that have vaginas! But they also differ among women and men, so the most important thing to know about erogenous zones is that you need to ask your partner if it feels good to be touched there and in what way.

Still, here are a few common zones that the majority of women find erotic to touch. The clitoris is the most sensitive erogneous zone for most women. The clitoral glans is often so sensitive that it is painful to touch. This is why many women love their clitoris to be stimulated through the hood that covers it, or even through their panties.

Some women like stimulation a bit to the right of the clit and others to the left. So what do you do with it? Most women love having their clit stimulated with fingers, a vibrator, or a tongue.

Some gentle tongue caresses on and around this hot spot will can have her on her way to Orgasm City in no time. One possible winning move? Try soft licks with your tongue directly on her clitoris while rubbing circles around it with the tip of your thumb.

While doing this, be sure to listen to her verbal and physical cues. Her body language can be a dead giveaway when it comes to hitting the right spot. Check this out: Top 4 Cunnilingus Techniques. Did you know that the inner lips engorge with blood just like a penis does during erection?

The inner lips are filled with erectile tissue that can double, even triple, in size when a women becomes aroused. Because the lips and clitoris are physically connected, a lot of women find that stimulating their lips indirectly stimulates their clitoris, which may be a preferred way of stimulation since the clitoris itself is so sensitive.

Since the lips are filled with erectile tissue, it can help them engorge with blood or heighten general arousal. Perhaps the most hotly debated of her spots, the G-spot which stands for and sounds more catchy than the Grafenberg spot is an erogenous zone that is elusive to some women and a hot spot of orgasm for others.

There are a number of great sexual positions for G-spot pleasure , but for the most effective G-spot massage, your best bet is with your own hands. Place your index and middle finger in her vagina with the tips on that special spot. Both will do the trick sensually and seductively. Although not as many as the clit, the vaginal opening has a lot of nerve endings that are receptive to touch.

You can also use your penis as a tool to stimulate the vaginal opening without penetrating it. This area is full of fatty tissue and acts as a kind of padding to prevent knocks and bumps during sex and other daily activities. This is mostly because it is full of sensitive nerve-endings. A lot of women like it when you push on, pull upward, or make circular motions on their mons.

A head massage is a great way in which to induce relaxation, making her more receptive to an orgasm. Scalp massages are easiest when her hair is dry, when you can trace your fingernails lightly over her skin, or during a shared bath when her hair is thoroughly wet and conditioner is applied for some extra viscosity.

Then, gently circle her scalp with your finger, or tug on the hair — which ever makes her feel the most relaxed. When we kiss someone, a slew of neurotransmitters are released throughout the body. Get things started by tracing a fingertip around the outside of her lips before even starting to kiss her. Then, when you do start with the smooches, vary the strength and intensity, alternating between light, deep, short, long — all kinds.

Both will increase sexual excitement. While for some women, touching behind the knees will be nothing but ticklish, for others it may be the right touch on or behind her knees can actually send her spiraling into arousal.

And what a delectable spiral that will be! You see, the knees are rife with nerves that are hardly ever stimulated, making them quite a novelty area. The whole thing is totally erotic. Have your partner stand in front of you while you gently glide your fingers at the back of her knees. If this is too ticklish for her, you could try massaging them, changing the pressure from hard to soft, deep to a tickle.

You could then ask her to lie down on her stomach, so that the back of her knees are more exposed. Run your tongue slowly along the backs of her knees and thighs. After this, experiment with different sensations, such as soft nibbles, licks, and caresses.

You could even opt to use a vibrator on this sensitive spot. For some women, the way to light up her brain is to go for the nipples! Some rare women are even able to orgasm by nipple stimulation alone. Interesting stuff! You can start by making soft gliding circles around the nipples without actually touching them. This builds suspense and sexual anticipation. Then, move onto the nipples with feather-like touches.

Go from the nipples to the breasts interchangeably, slowly and seductively. And lastly, you can combine the pinching with a bit of rolling of the nipple by using your thumb and index finger. Go from light to hard pressure to build more suspense….

Interestingly, a study published in the scientific journal, Cortex, said that more women were turned on by the nape of their neck being touched as opposed to their breasts or nipples.

A sensual massage , a few kisses and nibbles will surely give her some time to relax. Start with soft kisses on the side of the neck, and use your fingers to slowly brush this exposed erogenous zone.

Then, use your tongue and teeth to give her small licks and nibbles, trying different pressure and speeds to find the exact thing that makes her feel insatiable. So did you get all that? We certainly hope so! And with that, we wish you lots of adventurous fun on all of her erogenous zones.

But remember, the most erogenous tip of all is to ask her what feels good while you are touching and follow her cues! Laurie Mintz, Ph. She has published over 50 research articles and is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. Mintz also has maintained a private practice for over 30 years, working with individuals and couples on general and sexual issues.

She is also an author and speaker, spreading scientifically-accurate, sex-positive information to enhance sexual pleasure. Website Academic Instagram Facebook. As like man, women also have some secret zones that could do with some teasing to make foreplay even more fantastic, or to focus on during a romantic massage when she just wants a tender touch. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

You can also subscribe without commenting. Having written for various companies and magazines within the industry, she has extensive knowledge in the field of sexual health, the escort industry, and sex toy marketing. Anney Auster September 25, at pm. Sekhar sheku October 18, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Do you have G-spot envy? Now try and find the A-spot and the U-spot!

But what about positions that—wait for it—stimulate both hot spots at the same time? Yes, those magical unicorn positions do exist and they're bound to result in a mind-blowing orgasm. It's a buy-one, get-one BOGO for her vagina, basically. Ready for a sex fest like no other?

The story you're about to read was published prior to our April investigation on the G-spot. The truth is: It doesn't exist.

When things are heating up, there are a few obvious places you want your partner to hit: your lips, your nipples, your clit duh. But when it comes to erogenous zones for women—those crazy-sensitive hot spots that can take you from zero to gotta-have-it-right-now—that's barely scratching the surface. Your body is covered in hot spots you may never have even thought to explore. To take things up a notch in the bedroom, venture into some new erogenous zone territory. If you're a neck person, you know it.

How to Find Your G-Spot, and C-Spot, and A-Spot

In , a scientific review came to the conclusion that there isn't much anatomical proof that every woman has a G-spot, but anecdotal evidence and "reliable reports" say that there is indeed a specific area inside the vagina that, when stimulated, may help some women reach orgasm. Researchers have come a long way since then— kind of. Yes, you read that correctly. It extends up to five inches inside the body, which is why researchers are beginning to conceptualize the G-spot as not existing independently, but rather, as an entity deeply intertwined with other parts of the female sexual anatomy. The anatomical relationships and dynamic interactions between the clitoris, urethral sponge, and anterior vaginal wall have led to the concept of a clitourethrovaginal CUV complex. A groundbreaking article published in Nature Reviews in posited that when the CUV is "properly stimulated during penetration, [it] could induce orgasmic responses. When British researchers asked 1, women if they believed they had a G-spot, only 56 percent said yes, which isn't very encouraging for guys trying to strike orgasm gold with their fingertips.

How to stimulate all her hot spots

Helena Lorimer April 27, This article was scientifically fact-checked by Human Sexuality expert Dr. Laurie Mintz. But why is touching so important?

Teesha Morgan introduces two new pleasure zones and explains why they're also worth searching for. Teesha Morgan Updated January 19,

The elusive G-spot is one of the most hotly debated areas when it comes to women's sexual health. But despite what you may have been told in your less-than-great seventh grade sex education class, the G-spot most definitely exists and is absolutely accessible. That said, some people might think the G-spot doesn't exist simply because not every woman has one.

Everything You Want to Know About Male and Female Erogenous Zones

Women have four hot spots. Did you know this? Well, lo and behold, we ladies also have an A-Spot.

While certain bits of anatomy ahem, genitalia are well-known as sites of sexual pleasure, getting turned on doesn't have to be limited to below the belt. Other areas of the human body have a high concentration of nerve endings, so they're particularly sensitive to touch, pressure, or vibration. These so-called " erogenous zones " can contribute to sexual arousal—think of them as the road map to a happy ending. According to Monica Geller of Friends , there are seven erogenous zones on a woman's body , but the exact list for any gender remains up to speculation. Still, while everyone is a little different when it comes to getting turned on, people generally agree about which erogenous zones are most pleasurable.

Yes, You Have a G-Spot

So this week we're discussing good sex and why it matters. Our mantra? Owning your sexual pleasure is power. I throw my sweaty blond hair into a bun and start talking loudly and proudly about all things vagina. I mostly just felt weird under the covers with myself. How often do you sigh when you step into a hot shower? Make a sound in the back of your throat with that first sip of wine or bite of chocolate? The road to owning your pleasure starts before anyone gets naked.

Dec 11, - The A-spot is a part of female pleasure that we barely ever discuss, but it To find it, wash your hands with a mild soap and warm water.

The existence of the G-spot has not been proven, nor has the source of female ejaculation. Two primary methods have been used to define and locate the G-spot as a sensitive area in the vagina : self-reported levels of arousal during stimulation, and stimulation of the G-spot leading to female ejaculation. Women usually need direct clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, [13] [14] and G-spot stimulation may be best achieved by using both manual stimulation and vaginal penetration.

How To Find Your G-Spot So You Can Have The Strongest Orgasms Ever

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The 11 Hottest (Unexpected) Erogenous Zones for Women

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Female G-Spot

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