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See every episode of this classic, Emmy R Award-winning series that brilliantly spoofs the Cold War-era spy genre that was all the rage in the s thanks to James Bond. Don Adams stars as Maxwell Smart--a. Armed with an array of catchphrases "Would you believe? Series Premiere. Max is assigned to protect a beautiful diplomat's daughter from KAOS kidnappers. Max and 99 discover thet KAOS is smuggling secrets out of the country by using talking doll toys.


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Get Smart S02E21 The Man From Yenta

Get Smart is an American comedy television series that satirizes the secret agent genre. On August 10, , the entire series was officially released on digital streaming platforms for the first time in preparation for the series 50th anniversary. Maxwell Smart must defeat the sinister Mr. Big, who is using a device called the Inthermo to threaten New York City. Max and Harry Hoo try to solve a murder of an agent in a tropical hotel. One of the suspects is named "Ben Gazzman", and says he is an adventurer living life at most since he has two years to live, a spoof of the Run for Your Life series that starred Ben Gazzara.

Max decides to set up shop as a private detective with 99 as his secretary. Peter and the Lorre-type character is Mr. When Max apologizes for constantly mixing the name up, the Fat Man tells him that it happens "all the time". A hippie disk jockey called the Groovy Guru played by guest star Larry Storch seeks to control the minds of teenagers through his radio show. An amusement park attendant inadvertently gives Max and 99 a kewpie doll at a shooting gallery game.

The doll is really a way for KAOS to smuggle plutonium out of the country. Shortly after, KAOS finds out and hunts down 86 and 99 at the park, ultimately leading them to the evil Waxman, a villain who turns his victims into wax statues. Will Max and 99 become permanent wax statues? It was the last season on NBC. This is the series' final season. Errol Madre. Debbs and Madre had charted a map leading to a gold find, with each keeping one half of the map until one day they join forces again to get the gold.

A spoof of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This article is about the original series. For the 7 episodes of the series, see Get Smart TV series. Ballantine Books. TV Guide June July 4. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved October 4, Big " — Get Smart Categories : Get Smart Lists of American sitcom television series episodes.

Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Use mdy dates from September Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Big ". Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. Note : This was the only black and white episode of Get Smart ; all others were in color. Gerald Gardner and Dee Caruso. Numerous blondes have been kidnapped and Max is assigned to protect a diplomat's beautiful daughter. Don Richardson. KAOS is secretly smuggling secrets out of the country.

When one pulls the doll's string, Polly reveals top secrets. Max and 99 are trapped by KAOS. Using children's toys, Max and 99 attempt to fight their way to safety and stop KAOS' smuggling ring. Arne Sultan and Marvin Worth. A doctor meets Max at his apartment and convinces him that he has escaped from KAOS with an invisibility ray.

KAOS then attempts to kidnap Max as he tries to figure out if the ray is real. The title is based upon a common magician's dialogue with the audience. Richard Donner. Indians threaten to start a war if they don't get all of their land back. Smart is assigned to go into their camp and foil their plan.

Title changed to "Washington 4, Indians 3" for DVD release; "Redskins" was a common sports team name in the s but is now considered politically incorrect. The title is a parody of a sporting event's score and based on the American football team the Washington Redskins.

Hal Goldman and Al Gordon. CONTROL hosts a conference for some of the smartest scientists on the planet, but KAOS has other plans which include a retrogressor gun, which emits a ray that retrogresses a person's psyche to the point where he or she becomes an eight-year-old child. Frank McDonald. Pat McCormick and Ron Friedman. KAOS kidnaps the Chief and prepare to give him mind-control surgery. Max pretends to be a doctor in order to try to free the Chief from Harvey Satan.

The title is based upon the book, film and television series Peyton Place. Max and 99 disguise themselves in order to save the day. The title is based on the spy novel Our Man in Havana. Alexi Sebastian, a master impersonator, attempts to kill someone who was about to reveal the secret of the KAOS coding system. Alexi disguises himself as the Chief to confuse the situation even more.

The title is from the common expression, "Too many chefs spoil the broth. Max stumbles upon a shoe store that just happens to be a KAOS communications center. Max and 99 get into a sticky situation while trying to solve the mystery. Cameo appearance by Johnny Carson as the train conductor he appears in the credits as the "Special Guest Conductor".

A spoof of Murder on the Orient Express. The investigation leads to the mysterious Dr. Max has to protect an Arab prince, who must remain fat to retain his power. The title is from the common idiom "survival of the fittest. Max has to become a broken, drunk agent so that KAOS will probably try to recruit him as one of their agents. He eventually succeeds, but is assigned a difficult task. Gary Nelson. After several buildings are inexplicably blown up, CONTROL follows the trail to an art gallery where a former chemist, debonair Rex Savage, has teamed up with painter Mondo to produce a series of explosive paintings.

The title is a takeoff of " Dead Sea Scrolls. KAOS is interested in capturing Dr. Shotwire, a brilliant scientist whose work has been set back six months thanks to his bodyguard's helping hands none other than those of Agent 86 Max. This episode is notable for an extended physical comedy routine involving Max and Hymie. Max poses as an insane colonel in order to prove that a KAOS psychiatrist is stealing confidential information revealed by his patients.

This episode is notable for its use of a secret KAOS weapon: a phone booth that fills with water. Max must find the secret diary of a retired agent who lives at a rest home for retired spies. After being hypnotized by KAOS to kill the Chief, Max finds himself in a difficult situation while playing a game of chess. Each of those agents had left their pets at an animal spa while they were traveling.

What they forgot to check was whether the animals would be brainwashed before being returned to their owners. Oscar Beregi, Jr. Each one carries a piece of a bomb which is meant to explode near an American base.

With the help of 44 disguised as a piece of luggage , Max and the Chief capture one of KAOS's agents and force confidential information out of him. The Claw "Not the Craw! The Craw! His scheme leads Max and 99 to San Francisco as they follow a Chinese agent Number 3 in the hopes that this will lead them to Number One The Claw , the mastermind behind a smuggling operation that uses a laundromat as facade through the real money is actually in the laundry.

However, Max gets help from Harry Hoo Joey Forman , a Charlie Chan -type Chinese police inspector with a keen eye for detail and two theories to explain anything. When he bows at the end of his show, he gives Max and the Chief a signal that means he is in trouble. When they go backstage to meet with Hubert, they find him dead in his room. The only clue as to who killed him is written in a piece of music on Hubert's desk.

Buck Henry and Leonard Stern. KAOS has stolen the plans to the nuclear amphibian battleship and hidden them on the freighter Lucky Star.

The only clue is a clip-clop noise he makes as he walks. Max and 99 book passage and search for the clip-clop noise, which everyone on the ship seems to make.

The Man from YENTA

View in iTunes. Season 2 Premiere. A dying agent puts Max in charge of the Spy's Guild labor negotiations.

Your Easy-access EZA account allows those in your organization to download content for the following uses:. It overrides the standard online composite license for still images and video on the Getty Images website.

GS Home. Site Map. The Many Jobs of Maxwell Smart. If Maxwell Smart had a resume, what would it look like? What experience would he have?

Get Smart, Season 2

I have an eagle eye and always notice details, so after watching all the "Get Smart" episodes for the umpteenth time I thought I'd mention some things I've noticed about the Chief. First, the creators of Get Smart really developed the Chief's character by season 4. He had much more of a dry humor, he wasn't always confined to his office and we learned a little more about his personality. Second, Is he or isn't he The Chief wears a wedding ring yet we never see his wife. A Mrs. It was a rule Mrs. Greer's secretary every time she bent over to look into the filing cabinet Greer Window. Max says "why does it have an initial on it? The Chief mostly wears grey socks but dons some black ones on occassion.

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Get Smart is an American comedy television series that satirizes the secret agent genre. On August 10, , the entire series was officially released on digital streaming platforms for the first time in preparation for the series 50th anniversary. Maxwell Smart must defeat the sinister Mr. Big, who is using a device called the Inthermo to threaten New York City. Max and Harry Hoo try to solve a murder of an agent in a tropical hotel.

Did NASA engineers actually respond to the problematic incident at least to the astronauts on board with a catchphrase that had recently invaded the current lexicon? Bumbling, foolish, idiotic, simpleton, are just some of many words used to describe the shows main character: Agent 86, Maxwell Smart.

Account Options Sign in. Conseguir libro impreso. Tom Lisanti , Louis Paul. Sean Connery began the sixties spy movie boom playing James Bond in Dr.

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Baby Boomers can never hear that phrase, used by the inept agent when caught in a ridiculous situation, without recalling this series co-created by Mel Brooks , which is filled with James Bond-style capers featuring Smart; his sexy partner, Agent 99, at the C. An Israeli agent helps protect an Arab prince. Don Adams, Barbara Feldon.

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Samara Weaving , who stars in Ryan Murphy 's new Netflix series, " Hollywood ," had a very unusual audition experience. Watch the video. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates.

Episode Guide for Get Smart 2x The Man from YENTA. Episode summary, trailer and screencaps; guest stars and main cast list; and more.

The Writers The following is a list of all of the writers for Get Smart, as they appeared in the credits. I think it's safe to assume that Leonard Stern, Buck Henry , Arne Rosen, and Arne Sultan also helped out on most scripts, even if they didn't receive credit. I've tried to add a little bit about each of the writers, but it's by no means complete. For more information on them, check out the Internet Movie Database. Sultan passed away in

Get Smart (1965) S02E21 - The Man From Yenta

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- Ты, наверное, не понял. Эти группы из четырех знаков… - Уберите пробелы, - повторил. Сьюзан колебалась недолго, потом кивнула Соши.

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Вот она показалась опять, с нелепо скрюченными конечностями. В девяноста футах внизу, распростертый на острых лопастях главного генератора, лежал Фил Чатрукьян. Тело его обгорело и почернело. Упав, он устроил замыкание основного электропитания шифровалки.

Get Smart - 2x21 - The Man From YENTA

Это беспокоило Фонтейна: к коммандеру сходится множество нитей в агентстве, а директору нужно оберегать свое ведомство. Фонтейну нужен был кто-то способный наблюдать за Стратмором, следить, чтобы он не потерял почву под ногами и оставался абсолютно надежным, но это было не так-то. Стратмор - человек гордый и властный, наблюдение за ним следует организовать так, чтобы никоим образом не подорвать его авторитета. Из уважения к Стратмору Фонтейн решил заняться этим лично.

Он распорядился установить жучок в личном компьютере Стратмора - чтобы контролировать его электронную почту, его внутриведомственную переписку, а также мозговые штурмы, которые тот время от времени предпринимал.

Согласно словам офицера, который отвел Дэвида в морг, некий канадский турист сегодня утром в панике позвонил в полицию и сказал, что у одного японца в парке случился сердечный приступ. Прибыв на место, офицер увидел мертвого Танкадо, рядом с которым находился упомянутый канадец, и тут же по рации вызвал скорую.

Когда санитары отвезли тело Танкадо в морг, офицер попытался расспросить канадца о том, что произошло.

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