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Get it girl urban dictionary

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What is hot girl summer that everyone on social media keeps mentioning?

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Top definition. That girl unknown. That strangely hot girl who you feel is way outta your league but you keep trying anyway. Have you seen that girl. That Girl unknown. Females who are frequently drunk before 11 a. She was showing everyone her tits at the bar last thursday! A girl who is overly obsessed with her boyfriend 2.

A girl who blacks out at a party by 3. A slutty girl etc. They've only been dating three months, and she's already become "that girl". They spend every moment together. She showed up and blacked out in the bathroom, it would suck to be "that girl". Luckily, I was "that girl" last night. She's messed around with seven guys this weekend, I never want to be "that girl".

Diamonds, Daisies, Snowflakes, That Girl. Chestnuts, rainbows, springtime.. Is that girl. She's tinsel on a tree. She's everything that every girl should be.

Sable, Popcorn, white wine, that girl, Gingham , Bluebirds, Broadway. She's that girl! She's mine alone but luckily for you If you find a girl to love, Only one girl to love, then she'll be that girl too.

Basically a Show that premiered on ABC in Her boyfriend, Don Hollinger always wants to Marry her, but she wants to be a liberated woman. Simply divine. This show was so powerful, I ended up named after Marlo Thomas. Woo and yay. John: Dude. She's That Girl. Henry: She's tinsel on a tree? John: She's everything that every girl should be. Henry: That was really queer. John: Maybe we should lay off the Nick at Nite reruns. Henry: Who can turn the world on with her smiiiilleeee..

John: Wrong show assface. A femal at a wedding or social gathering who is oblivious that she is making an ass of herself and embarassing everyone who knows her. Rich brought "that girl" to Jeff's wedding. She got up and sang with the band, she was drunk and had no voice. A total whore. Fomunda Cheese Take a shower Swifty Dura lex, sed lex Lip Grip Tarkov Prime Live and Let Die Cinco de Drinko Max Dressler Fishmonger Fermunda Cheese Poetry Wolfaboo Drinko de Mayo Cinco de Mayo

Smug urban dictionary

Top definition. To go for something in all forms. Popular in desert racing referring to blasting and jumping all over the place. Is also applied to anything super extreme. Can refer to sexual activities or be used as a motivational phrase.

Top definition. Hot girl unknown.

Top definition. Girl-logic unknown. Noun - the process whereby a female will find meaning in something that does not exist. Usually used to either instigate an argument or when points based in reality have ran out.

the girl next door

Top definition. IT girl unknown. She has everything that you want so you tend to envy her. She does all the things that you can't do so you grow to hate her. Being an "It Girl" is having the latest shits, the best clothing and always stays fly and the prettiest face. Her attitude can be fucked up or perfect like her looks. Sasha is the new " It Girl " How cool! It Girl unknown. An It Girl, is a girl that 'everyone' wants to be, but being an It Girl, means, sucking every guys cock, being the shires slut, and being put on the spit , at least once a week. All the little girls that dress like a slut , act like a slut, and be like a slut.

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I have seen the future of slang dictionaries, and its name is urbandictionary. Compiled from the wildly popular Web site urbandictionary. Thousands of new words and definitions are added each day. Applejacked: Having your Apple iPod stolen. Account Options Login.

Top definition. That girl unknown.

It features auto completion of search words, extensive set of dictionary words, lists of English synonms and rhymes. It drives me nuts. Tempex 3,, views.

Browsing page 1 of words meaning woman, women, female words total. Usually implies tall. Often implies unattractive. Sometimes implies ill-tempered.

Top definition. When a boy flirts with a girl, but the girl pretends to be uninterested in the boy to make the boy try harder to get the girl to like him. In most cases, it doesn't work and the boy gives up and tries to find someone less conceited and arrogant than the girl. Sarah: Mike was like totally flirting with me last night and he's like so cute but I played hard to get and like pretended that I totally didn't care because he has to work for it you know? Mike: So I tried letting Sarah know that I was interested in her, but she didn't seem to care so I gave up and hooked up with Jessica instead.

Top definition. A younger form of a woman. If you tried to have sex with a girl, you'd be arrested , you damn pedophile. What a cute little girl! Girl unknown.

a girl that will do anything you say.

Top definition. Get it girl unknown. An expression of encouragement said to girls and women about to engage in any form of sexual flirtation or activity. Also used to denote approval of one's situation.

Сьюзан не отрывала глаз от директора. Она была уверена, что рано или поздно познакомится с этим человеком, но никогда не думала, что это случится при таких обстоятельствах. - Идемте, мисс Флетчер, - сказал Фонтейн и прошел.  - Нам сейчас пригодится любая помощь.

Но заставь противника думать так, как выгодно тебе, и у тебя вместо врага появится союзник. - Сьюзан, - услышал он собственный голос, - Стратмор - убийца. Ты в опасности. Казалось, она его не слышала.

Что-нибудь, что можно было бы вычесть одно из другого.

Сьюзан вспомнила о единственном остающемся выходе - личном лифте Стратмора. Но она понимала, что надежды нет: электроника вряд ли уцелела после катастрофы. Двигаясь в дыму, она вдруг вспомнила слова Хейла: У этого лифта автономное электропитание, идущее из главного здания. Я видел схему.

Как только освобожусь, загляну в шифровалку и… - А что с аварийным питанием. Если закоротило генератор, почему оно не включилось. - Не знаю. Может быть, Стратмор прогоняет что-то в ТРАНСТЕКСТЕ и на это ушло все аварийное питание. - Так почему он не отключит эту свою игрушку. Вдруг это вирус. Ты раньше говорил что-то про вирус.

Переступив порог, она вовремя успела ухватиться за дверную раму и лишь благодаря этому удержалась на ногах: лестница исчезла, превратившись в искореженный раскаленный металл. Сьюзан в ужасе оглядела шифровалку, превратившуюся в море огня.

Расплавленные остатки миллионов кремниевых чипов извергались из ТРАНСТЕКСТА подобно вулканической лаве, густой едкий дым поднимался кверху.

Она узнала этот запах, запах плавящегося кремния, запах смертельного яда.

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