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Everyone says i need a girlfriend

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When your team Do you complain about being lonely? Some people find that gets really old to complain about being alone. Find some friends, if you prefer to be alone, then maybe that's something else.

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25 Reasons Why You Need Girlfriends

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I decided I would ask this question on here, so I could see what answers the proletariat gave me. I need a good laugh on this dreary Sunday. People keep telling me I need a girlfriend. I don't see why. All I could see from coming out of a girlfriend is detriment. I am on a upward trajectory towards glory and I don't see why I need someone coming to mess it all up. I am 21 and about to graduate college in May. I have plans to move to a strategic location to where my business will be able to thrive and so I can maximize profit.

I also stand tall on the principles I hold dear. A lot of people I know do not even think about these values. Many wish to underachieve daily. Many are slackers. Many are narcissistic crybabies. Many would be more interested in watching that tripe known as Jersey Shore than reading about life-enhancing works from Aristotle and Hemmingway.

I am not a loser who plays Call of Duty in his dorm room while watching the world go by. I go to the gym 5 days a week. I am 6 foot 4 and I weigh pounds with little body fat. My day is planned out in my head before I even wake up. I make my presence known everywhere by way of dominance. Dominance in the classroom. Dominance in the gym. Dominance in the hallways.

That is what it is all about. Dominance and competition. Once I walk into a room, everyone knows to pay reverence. I disparage weakness in others. My roommate broke up with his girlfriend and started crying. I literally had to smack him and tell him to snap out of it. He was displaying weakness over a weak concept such as love. This one girl I know even had the audacity to tell her friend that she found me "hot". I flew into a fit of straight up rage when I heard this.

The fact that people are more concerned about the outside appearances rather than values such as glory make me want to spit. Many other girls have come up to me in party scenarios and I brush them aside like dust.

I am uninterested in their wiles as they only have one thing on their mind: status. I am not a free meal ticket. I will not propel a female to the upper echelons. They then get offended when I ignore them.

If every man was like me and learned to ignore women and pretend they don't exist, the world would be a better more productive, more dominant place. I don't need love. I don't want love. I am just interested in asserting dominance over all in my dominion. I am interested in physical and mental progression. I am 21 and have my own business I am far ahead of many others and I will eventually leave everyone in the dust.

I brush off weak emotions and embrace the more productive ones such as anger when I am lucky to become angry. I do not believe this. I cannot fathom this. You all disgust me with your irreverence for the concept of domination!

You all clearly believe it is perfectly and completely alright to believe in these silly emotions It's People don't care about these things anymore. The world thrives on commerce and competition. Not childish things such as love and companionship. The latter does not produce profit nor does it produce a great society. How does it feel to go throughout your day knowing you are completely mediocre?

You all must be the underachievers I was talking about. We as a species have transcended our primal emotions and instincts. Physical attraction, sexual attraction, and emotions are obsolete. We can now use logic. Critical Thinking. These are the things that matter and make a society great. It is no wonder why America has lost. While we Americans are bullshitting watching programs such as the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jersey Shore, The Hills, and whatever other reality show bullshit is out there, the Chinese are asserting dominance.

Relentless, unmerciful dominance. Life is about survival of the fittest. I will not let some weak fools drag me down to the pit. I will survive. I do not care if I die alone, for I am dominant. I do not need another. Just Me, you are truly a fool and a hypocrite. You accuse me of having lapsed values and that my own point of view is irrelevant, yet you inject your own myopic and astigmatic views into this dialogue.

It is funny, a man such as yourself discussing absolute truth when you yourself are only putting forth opinions, rather than facts. You say money does not matter, yet it is what sustains a comfortable standard of living for many individuals across the globe. You say things such as logic, philosophy, and critical thinking are irrelevant.

Would you rather the world lapse into a state of anarchy and chaos? Would you rather we revert back to tree swinging jungle animals? The main premise of your argument against I is that since my values have not been around since the beginning of time that they are untrue. I guess that can hold true for anything that has not been around since the conception of the world.

I guess since the very HOMES we live in have not been around, they should all be demolished as well because they are "false" beliefs? It seems you've made your viewpoints clear my friend. Your success is not as you willed it to be, so you ignore and make invalid the very things that propel our world. Money doesn't matter to you because you cannot attain it. I think its quite clear which one of us will crash and burn, my friend. Wow lots of writing. Its quite simple. She was just telling you her opinion!

Sexual attraction is just as important as personal attraction. You should not blow up in rage. People tell you that you need a girlfriend because they think you are angry and rigid, and a girl would calm you down. Love doesn't make you weak if you brag dominance. You would be more dominant with love, and you don't understand that.

Pretending like woman don't exist is rude, that's not respectful at all. Mental progression comes with love. Believe it or not. You are human and you can't go against your nature. One day your going to regret everything. I am on a upward trajectory You seem to have lost all Values.. You only care about money and status.

You want to be rich, and you want people to look up to you.

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I decided I would ask this question on here, so I could see what answers the proletariat gave me. I need a good laugh on this dreary Sunday. People keep telling me I need a girlfriend.

There's a lot of talk out there about how the modern-day hook-up culture officially ended love as the Boomers and Gen X once knew it. But are millennials really less likely to commit, or are people just looking for that one perfect partner and failing because it isn't easy to do? There are plenty of factors to keep in mind when you're thinking about entering into a long-term relationship, but these few in particular are signs you're on the same page with your SO and ready to take the next step. And who knows, these qualities you may find in a partner might make you want to put a ring on it, stat.

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Having other women in your life doesn't just increase your pool of people to watch The Bachelor finale with. Health experts have discovered a long list of ways in which girlfriends can impact your overall wellness. In celebration of National Girlfriends Day, we're counting all the ways these special bonds can improve your life. Our brains are actually wired to feel the joy or sadness of close friends. Greater empathy can lead to more personal and professional successes, while also making you happier. There's a reason why even animals like chimpanzees, dolphins, and bats form friendships: they ease tension and help alleviate stress. Contrary to what you might think, making friends at work can help you be even more productive , plus, those relationships can even boost your creativity and healthy competition among co-workers.

Why do people tell me I need a girlfriend when I obviously do not?

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Jan 22, - Once I walk into a room, everyone knows to pay reverence. So with all of this that I have said, why do I need a girlfriend? You say money does not matter, yet it is what sustains a comfortable standard of living for many.

Она вызвала нужное командное окно и напечатала: ВЫКЛЮЧИТЬ КОМПЬЮТЕР Палец привычно потянулся к клавише Ввод.

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