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Clear glass Pyrex cookware is practically an American icon. With its pleasing heft and remarkable resilience, these famous clear pans have been essential when cooking biscuits, casseroles, and pies since A few years ago, the pans started exploding when they got too hot—which is ironic since Pyrex glass was specifically designed to be heat resistant. Some blamed a change in the glass formula and flocked to thrift stores to buy older models.

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Vintage Pyrex 101: A Guide to Pyrex

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Pyrex measuring jugs. There is also labware such as beakers, test tubes, etc, for laboratory use. The disadvantage of glass cookware is that it does not conduct heat as well as metal does. For this reason, it is used a lot in cooking demonstrations and on cooking shows, so that the viewers can see what is happening inside the cooking or baking vessels. The Pyrex company also make saucepans, but they can be quite heavy for picking up with one hand when they are full. Amber coloured saucepans were popular for a while in the s and s.

At one point, even irons for ironing clothes were made out of Pyrex. The generic term for Pyrex glass has been borosilicate glass, though this is no longer universally true. Rights to the Pyrex brand name in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa have been licensed since by a company called Arc International. Arc International still uses borosilicate glass in making its Pyrex as of In North America, the Pyrex brand for both home and lab use has been owned by World Kitchen International since still current as of , and is made in Charleroi, Pennsylvania.

World Kitchen continues to make glassware for laboratories with borosilicate glass. This use of soda-lime glass actually began with Corning in the s before the transfer of operations to World Kitchen. Again, this is not true. The Charleroi plant has produced PYREX glass products out of a heat-strengthened tempered soda lime glass for about 60 years, first by our predecessor Corning Incorporated, and since by World Kitchen.

Consumers should know that soda lime glass, such as that used to make PYREX glass bakeware, is significantly more resistant to breaking on impact than borosilicate glass and comparably resistant to breakage caused by severe temperature changes.

VP World Kitchen. Retrieved January While the soda formulation may be more resistant to simply dropping, it appears that it is less resistant to sudden drastic temperature changes:. American Ceramic Society. Pyrex mixing bowls. To use stove-top Pyrex vessels on a glass-top stove, an under ring is not needed. But have the burner heat settings at a medium or lower setting, not high, as the glass will actually magnify the heat.

Use this item at medium high and lower settings instead of at high heat. Glass containing boron had been made sporadically since the Middle Ages. However, the two dominant types of glass were lead glass, and soda-lime glass. Otto Schott — is generally credited, however, with the invention of borosilicate glass. His father was a glassmaker in Witten, Westphalia, Germany. Otto studied science in university and wrote a thesis on glass. The focus at first was on optical products.

Zeiss had specialized in products such as microscopes. Otto Schott and the invention of borosilicate glass. Glastechnische Berichte. New torches had to be designed. Previously, external glass lanterns on trains were cracking because they had a hot flame inside, heating up the glass, which then shattered when moistened with rain or snow.

Corning had to find another market for the glass. In , they began work on adjusting the formula for the glass so that it could be used for kitchenware. By , they had products and an advertising campaign ready. They also prepared to market it as clear heat-resistant glassware in laboratories for lab use as beakers, flasks, measuring jugs, tubes, etc. In , Pyrex enlisted Sarah Tyson Rorer to promote the product to homemakers.

Pyrex lab and industrial sales did great, while home sales were just okay. The marketing campaign to home-makers positioned Pyrex as efficient and clean, but Art Deco was coming in, and people wanted style. The marketing people did more field work, and found out that for home-makers, the price was too high, and the wares not stylish enough.

This problem, they passed back to the engineers. They reformulated the glass once more, so that it could be used over open flame and on electric elements, and so that it would be more suitable to high volume automated production lines, which would help them reduce the cost as requested.

The kitchenware Pyrex was relaunched around By the late s, sales started to climb. And during this time, the price dropped. In , Pyrex introduced Flameware.

It was called Flameware to indicate that it could stand up to being used on top of the stove, over flame. For about 10 years, the glass had a bluish tint to it caused by alumino-sulfate added to the glass formula.

The lids, though, were always clear. The formula was changed after the Second World War so that all the glass in the product was clear. Flameware was discontinued in Pyrex Flameware coffee percolator.

Mush M. They ran into financial problems and in , the firm was assumed by a Mr J. Jobling of Newcastle, who had been one of their suppliers. When Corning went to England to shop around British Empire rights for Pyrex, none of the big glass making companies was interested. Pyrex was a success in Britain. In , the company introduced coloured Pyrex in the UK. Click for full size. Footer Search. Aikins, Jim. DeGuire, Ellen. Steiner, J.

Labware and Lab Supplies

Corning 15 ml centrifuge tubes feature black printed graduations and a large white marking spot. These tubes are available with your choice of cap styles, the original plug seal or the new flat top rim seal. Both provide a tight, secure se Read more

Before heading out the door after a day of research at Corning Glass Works in , physicist Jesse T. Littleton grabbed the sawed-off bottom of a round borosilicate glass battery jar.

It was later expanded to include clear and opal ware products made of soda-lime glass. Corning no longer manufactures or markets consumer glass kitchenware and bakeware. Corelle Brands , which was spun off from Corning Inc. The brand name has also been used for non-glass kitchen utensils and cookware in various regions for several decades. Borosilicate glass was first made by German chemist and glass technologist Otto Schott , founder of Schott AG in , 22 years before Corning produced the Pyrex brand.

Vintage Laboratory Glass— Clues to age and quality

Why not? Many collectors love Pyrex simply because it reminds them of childhood. For still others, the fun of Pyrex is in the thrill of the hunt. Vintage Jadeite and Fire King have similar followings. This sudden surge in popularity makes some Pyrex collectors wary. Pyrex hunting and collecting is fun and easy, if you know what to look out for. By , the Pyrex line featured 22 different pieces that served various purposes. But the colored vintage Pyrex bowls, which debuted in and lasted well into the s are what collectors go crazy over. While everyone has their favorite Pyrex pattern, the rarer patterns are in higher demand for obvious reasons. Pyrex patterns are classified as Standard or Promotional.

Laboratory Glassware | PYREX Lab Glassware | Corning

Glass tubing, test tubes, lab bottles, funnels and other miscellaneous laboratory equipment and containers were made in quantity. The most common Pyrex insulator found in clear glass would probably be the CD style. They probably date from the s or s. There have been complaints by consumers that this recently-made glassware ovenware, etc has shattered and appears to be inferior to previous standards of durability characteristic of the earlier borosilicate formula. Click here to go to the Glass Bottle Marks pages.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Find out why…. The heat of the lantern flame conspired with the cold air of winter to shatter traditional glass lanterns.

Pyrex Glassware

Vintage laboratory glass has been widely used by top decorators in recent years to highlight vintage industrial themed interiors. But first, just what is laboratory glassware? Laboratory glassware, as the name implies, encompasses all the specialized shapes and sizes of utilitarian glass vessels typically used in a medical, educational, research or any specialized industrial production facility. Due to its highly specialized nature, laboratory glassware has always been made on a very limited scale compared to household, institutional and commercial beverage and kitchen glassware.


Exceptional strength and stability. Brilliant transparency. Superior resistance to chemicals, contaminants, and drastic changes in temperature. These are among the key properties that enable PYREX glass to endure even the toughest laboratory environments, making it the indispensable partner for chemists and research scientists for more than years. This new process will improve customer convenience and reduce paper waste while delivering the same calibration information customers require.

Pyrex At 100

Pyrex borosilicate glass was developed in the early years of the 20th century to satisfy the demand for a material with high thermal resistance. Pyrex Labware Pyrex borosilicate glass was developed in the early years of the 20th century to satisfy the demand for a material with high thermal resistance. Wheaton - Glass and Plastic Vials Certi ed Clean Vials are Essential to your Results All vials may appear to be created equal, but quality and performance make the difference when analyzing vital samples. MicroLiter vials are cleaned and packaged in a certi ed Class 10, clean room according to a designed process, developed to eliminate chromatographic errors associated with vials. Critical physical dimensions are fully tested, as well as chemical cleanliness testing to ensure that trace levels of residues are not present. Hanna - Chemical Test Kits Single-parameter, multi-parameter, Colormetric test kits, titration test kits and replacement reagents are available in this section to meet with your every need. Go to link.

Labware for promotional use can be Brown glass bottles for VITLAB® genius2 and simplex2. Volume number, and date of manufacture, among other things.

Pyrex measuring jugs. There is also labware such as beakers, test tubes, etc, for laboratory use. The disadvantage of glass cookware is that it does not conduct heat as well as metal does.

Pyrex glass is a borosilicate glass first produced by The Corning Glass Works company. It is made by heating raw materials like silica sand and boric oxide to extremely high temperatures for extended periods of time. The molten material is then processed into different types of glassware. First formulated during the early twentieth century, Pyrex has become an important material for a variety of applications that require heat and chemical resistance.

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